We are a group of like minded individuals who believe in preserving our national heritage by honoring those 620,000+ individual who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country during the American Civil War. The Second Missouri Infantry is one of the ten companies of the 1st Missouri Battalion which is one of the five Battalions that make up the Trans-Mississippi Brigade.

Have musket, will travel! This seems to be the motto of our group of reenactors. We try to attend at least one event per month during the spring, summer and fall, and always have great fun doing so. Blue or Grey, it doesn't matter to us, we all have BOTH uniforms. When we are in blue we are the 21st Missouri Volunteer Infantry US.  We also have civilian attire and do Missouri State Guard. It all depends on the scenario. 
Many of our members are also members of the Sons of Union Veterans organization and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and do many ceremonies around the state each year.

All our members are members of the Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association, a statewide group of reenactors that provides insurance and aid to communities that are trying to have a Civil War reenactment.

Come join us! We will do our best to provide you with a period moment.