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The purpose of this series of pages is to provide easily accessible links to important information for the robotics teams from Pacific High Schooland Driftwood Middle School. One of the US FIRST goals is for activities to be student led. Therefore, the content on this site, other than this page, was (will be) created and maintained by the students.

Robotics is taught as a class at Pacific High School and Driftwood Middle School. The class is open to all 6th-12th grade students as a general elective. During the first semester we concentrate on building robots to compete in the First Lego League and First Tech Challenge Programs.

History of the Program in the Port Orford-Langlois School District
This is the fifth year that robotics has been offered in the district. The program started as an elective for 7th-8th grade students. Due to the success and interest during the first year, the program was expanded to the high school. This year, we opened up the program to 6th grade students by starting a First Lego League Team.
  • 2013-2014 Driftwood FTC (7th-8th Grade)
  • 2014-2015 Driftwood FTC - Super Qualifier (7th-8th Grade), Pacific FTC (9th-12th Grade)
  • 2015-2016 Driftwood FTC - State Qualifier (7th-8th Grade), Pacific FTC - Super Qualifier (9th-12th Grade)
  • 2016-2017 Driftwood FTC (7th-8th Grade), Pacific (9th-12th Grade)
  • 2017-2018 Driftwood FLL (1st Year Students), Driftwood FTC (2nd Year Students), Pacific FTC (9th-12th Grade)
ose students who are interested in Robotics and not enrolled in the class should create a "robotics club." Mr. Taylor would set aside time after school to meet with the club so that the club could continue work on the competition robots while allowing the students to take the activity bus home. The creation of a club must be student initiated.

US FIRST Tech Challenge Resources (Links to US First Website)
Student and Guardian Team Information System <--Every participant needs to register online or complete hard copy
    Game Manual Part One (pdf) <--Mandatory reading for all class and club participants
    Game Manual Part Two (pdf) <--Mandatory reading for all class and club participants

New Technology Resources
Android Studio IDE Download (Use for writing our programs for controlling the robot)
FTC Official Forums (Good resource for asking questions and looking for ideas)
FTC Robot Controller App SDK on Github (Programming resource for Android Studio)
FTC Driver Station App from Google Play (App for the phone to which we connect the Game Controllers)
FTC Robot Controller App from Google Play (App for the phone which is connected to the robot)

Tentative Schedule
January 2016
January 16&17 – FTC League Championships and Qualifying Tournament Weekend #1
January 30&31 – FTC League Championships and Qualifying Tournament Weekend #2

February 2016
February 13&14 – It’s Oregon FTC SUPER-QUALIFIER WEEKEND!!!
February 27&28 – Oregon FTC State Championship Weekend

March 2016
March 24–26 – FTC West Super-Regional Championship in Oakland, California

April 2016
April 27–30 – FTC World Championship in St. Louis, MO.