The North Carolina Democratic Party Voter Protection team needs your help! Here's a running list of our current top volunteer needs. We update this constantly as needs change.

1. Join Our Election Day Phonebank

How: Sign up for our Election Day Phonebank here!

What You'll Be Doing: The NC Dems Voter Protection Team needs 1000s of YOU to call potentially 100,000s of voters ALL DAY LONG in our final, all out effort to get ALL our candidates across the finish line so we can WIN IT ALL. Here’s the deal: At 6:30am on Election Day, 11/3, we will learn the names of all likely Dem voters who HAVE NOT YET VOTED their absentee ballots. We need YOU to help us call every one of to help them vote - preferably at the polls! We have shifts going ALL DAY LONG from 9am until polls close. We will provide a brief training on the hour every hour, but stick around as long as you can to make calls. Also, PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!

Best for: Remote volunteers who want to pitch in to get us across the finish line! Note: If you are on the ground in North Carolina and willing to be a poll observer or cure canvasser, please do that instead on Eday!

2. Become a Poll Observer! 

How: Sign up to be a poll observer here

What You'll Be Doing: We need you to be our eyes and ears on the ground during Early Voting and on Election Day. 

Best for: Volunteers on the ground in North Carolina. 

3. Knock Doors for Cure

How: Sign up for a training to knock doors!

What You'll Be Doing: Knocking doors to help voters through the process to cure their ballots. We have an urgent need for as many canvassers as we can find, so please help recruit your friends too!

Best for: Anyone in North Carolina, with access to a car, and comfortable doing in-person canvassing (following strict covid safety protocols, of course!).

4. Become a Full-Time Volunteer Through Eday!

How: Fill out our SuperVol application form.

What You'll Be Doing: Taking on meaningful day-to-day responsibility supporting our team in their crucial work organizing volunteers to protect the vote.

Best for: Anyone willing to drop everything, commit to work through the election, and take on a volunteer leadership role (can be done remotely or on the ground).

5. Distribute Lit for Cure!

How: Sign up by filling out this form!

What You'll Be Doing: Driving around North Carolina each day, dropping off literature and materials to support our cure canvass volunteers. We also need "supply station hosts" to host distribution points for literature.

Best for: Volunteers with lots of availability who love driving.

6. Make Phone Calls (Before or After Eday!)

How: Sign up for to make Vote Pro calls here

What You'll Be Doing: This is a big one - our phone bank callers are our front line in the fight to save democracy. Depending on our needs that day, you'll be helping voters cure their ballots ("cure"), educating voters on how to have their ballots accepted ("chase"), and/or helping us to recruit poll observers and cure canvassers.

Best for: Anyone with a computer and a phone!