Venture Scouts



Venture Scouts range from 15 to 17 years of age. The Venture Experience gives a taste of adventure through engaging with other Venture Scouts and the wider Community. Venture Scouting uses a mixture of relaxed planning with sharing ideas to try out. This is all experienced through activities charged with enthusiasm and the sense of being there for others. The Venture Section is conscious of the needs of the members to look after the pressing times that they are going through most notably from exams but this gives the chance for the Venture Scouts to unwind and deal with the stresses of exams and other life pressures by having a laugh with others and doing things that gives a sense of achievement

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Venture Scouts do nothing. It’s far from it! Young People at this age know how to motivate themselves to do things but just like to relax when they can. The Venture Scout Unit decides its own programme and runs itself. The Venture Scouts should have full say in the running of theprogramme. The Scouters role is to support and encourage the Venture Scouts to implement the Youth Programme as designed; generally speaking they should only interfere with decision making when there is an issue concerning welfare, safety legality or Scouting principles. Venture Scout Units will form smaller groups called Crews to plan and complete specific activities. Venture Scouts should be encouraged to take on more responsibility as they progress over time. Each Venture Scout should be given the opportunity to take on a leadership role on a regular basis.

The Venture group works through having their own executive to help with the organisational side of life in the Venture Scout section and manages the Unit. This is elected by the members of Unit and is made up of at least three members; the Chairperson, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

The Venture Scout events are Sluíocht na Sléibhte as well as the Venture Scout Challenge. Each Venture Scout Unit also runs its own activities that include their own summer expedition and outings.

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