Survival Camp & Survival Bootcamp 2015 (17th-19th April 2015) 

The Survival Camp is an annual camp held at Welsh Lane Woods near Stowe. It is designed to challenge you and make you rely on your Scouting skills to survive.
Teams are made up of 4 scouts (Min of 3, Max of 4) who work together and support each other throughout the weekend.
    • Fire Person - Responsible for the teams fire, wood store and ensuring the fire is suitable for cooking on when required.
    • Shelter Person - Responsible for the design and build of team shelter, repairs, modification/improvements, and the build of all camp gadgets.
    • Team Cook - Responsible for the prep and cooking of all team meals, and working with the fire person to ensure enough notice is given to ensure the fire is suitable for cooking on.
    • Generalist - The team leader and the scout with the most skills and experience. Responsible for assisting and mentoring every area. Not a dictator, but a leader by example. Usually a Patrol Leader or Assistant Patrol Leader.
Mixed sex teams are allowed and it is suggested that the teams are made up of scouts with varied skills and experience. Leaders are to agree teams before submission.

The Survival Boot Camp is the Survival Camp for our junior Scouts and is NOT team based. The bootcamp is no walk in the park though. You'll be involved in many of the same activities as the older Scouts and it will be challenging. At the same time, however, we do not expect you to have the same level of Scouting skills as our more experienced Scouts and therefore won't expect you to rely on these skills to come out alive!

However, there is a much more serious side to the camp - the continuity
of our nation depends
upon you and your performance on this mission.
Read the cable from the ministry for the brief.

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