Navaho Beavers is run by Anne-marie Howells, assisted by Sue Craig, Dawn Ross, Kay Gooud, Nikki Bates, and
Amelia Strudwick
Beavers have a varied programme focussing on areas such as Beliefs and Attitudes, Community, Fitness, Creativity, Global, and Outdoor and Adventure.  We also take part in activities and outings with other Beavers in the Royal Kingston District.  These events include:  Bowling Competition, Sports Morning, Science Afternoon, Exploring badge and
District Sleepovers.  It is great fun being a Beaver Scout!
Amongst other things the highlight of the year is the Cheyenne Colony Sleepover which is held at Walton Firs Campsite in Cobham, Surrey.  Beavers are able stay away for 24 hrs.  We sleep in indoor accommodation but like to make the most of being able to enjoy outdoor activities.  This is always enjoyed by Beavers and Leaders alike.
Overall the main aim of Beavers is to have fun!
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