Life in Two Sentences
Jana Taylor has a background in education and behavioral health and uses both to help with her husband's outpatient treatment center as well as their non-profit corporation.  She lives with her husband and four children in Mesa, Arizona.

My Life Before
I was a pastor's kid.  Yes, I was one of those, and along for that bumpy ride was my younger sister, Jennifer.  Our lives revolved around the church.  But these were not churches we ever resented or dreaded.  These were churches that served a lost community, that taught us to love the least of these, and that showed God's love in miraculous ways.  We had parents who opened our home to those without and who gave every last bit of themselves to serve those who would never be served.  And it was in these days that we learned to love the unlovable, to protect the weak and to fight for the oppressed.  This is how I grew in the Lord.

Devotion by Jana Taylor

Just as in any other family, we loved, we fought, we went to school, and, of course,we played sports.  We were the crazy family that competed in everything from the walk to the car to the farthest kick on the soccer field to the quickest sprint down the track.  The family whose dad yelled at the ref after a bad call and then expressed to the congregation in church the next Sunday that he got carried away.  But through my parents' constant encouragement in sports, in school, and in church, we learned a passion for life, a passion for our beliefs, that could conquer anything thrown at us.  And it is this life before that has led me to the place I am now.

My Life Now
I serve many roles, author being one, but my first priority is serving Christ.  Through being a wife, a mother, a teacher, and an author, my goal is to glorify God in whatever role He has given me.
I am blessed with a handsome husband and four beautiful children, two girls and a set of twin boys.  All five keep me busy, and my writing time is strategically placed into the same time frame as my grocery shopping: late at night when all are in bed.  Some days run semi-smoothly and others not so much. Together, though, we keep going even if it sometimes means going outside to the backyard and boxing until we feel better.  Yes, boxing makes me feel better.

My husband and I, through everything, put God at the center, and it's with this in mind that we raise our children.  I watch my oldest child, six-year-old Carde, walk through the local reservation and invite children to be apart of our ministry.  Then, I watch as she talks with them about Jesus, and even on the toughest days, I'm reminded of that faith like a child.  We keep walking, we keep teaching people about Jesus, and we can accomplish what God has intended.

My first novel, Devotion, is part of a series of books based on a future United States in which the Scriptures are banned.  I write these books with the knowledge that people around the world today are persecuted for their belief in Christ and their willingness to serve and follow Him.  They are strong in the faith, and their strength is seen around the world.