LHS Drama is seeking vendors for its first Parking Lot Market, to be held on September 30 at Ledyard HS. Reserve your spot today!

How does it work?

Vendors, crafters, and collectors pay $25 to LHS Drama to purchase a parking space in the LHS Faculty Lot, then use the space to sell anything they'd like! On September 30, the lot will serve as an open air market. Parking space tenants keep all of the money they earn at their space.

When will the market be open?

The market will be open on September 30 from 12-4pm.

What kinds of things can I sell?

If you're a crafter, sell your goods or take sign-ups for custom pieces! If you're a student organization, have a bake sale or paint faces! If you sell bags, jewelry, or home goods for a personal business, sell your wares and advertise your events. Are you overflowing with gently-used furniture or household goods? Use the parking space as a mini garage sale!

Am I limited to just one space?

Nope! Spaces are $25 each. When you reserve your spot, indicate how many spaces you'll need, and we will make sure they are right next to each other.

Is there food at the market?

We will have food trucks in the lower faculty lot so that customers can snack while they shop! Some parking spaces might also sell homemade or local food items.