Player Forms and paperwork

Congratulations on your selection to the 8 Man All Star Game or the Clev. Player will report on May 31st, the banquet will be on June 4th and the game will be on June 5th.

This page has all of the information you must complete and will need to play in the 8 Man All Star Game or the Clev. Please pay close attention to the deadlines and make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Players who meet all of the deadlines will be provided the opportunity to request a number for their game jersey. Remember you must complete all forms on time and the numbers will be awarded to the players who complete the paperwork first. If a deadline is missed, you will not be able to request a number. Failing to meet a deadline will result in additional fees to cover the additional costs to the game.

Each player has 3 days after the conclusion of the season to have this form turned in. Each player must complete the contract and at the player and at least one parent/guardian must agree to the conditions of the contract. Failure to do this will result in removal from the game.

This must be completed within 3 days of the end of your season! Have your All Star contract signed and scanned in properly. Please complete the next form.

This form is used to provide the administrators of the game with the information needed to keep you and your family informed about the game. Must be completed by February 1st.

4. Sponsors and Instructions ($400 fee)

Alternates are not required to complete this until they are called up for the game. Once again, Alternates do not need to meet this deadline.


Sponsors Form

Due April 1st

Have a scanned copy of your school physical. The physical form should be on file in your High School office. Name the document "FirstnameLastnamephyscial" so we can tell the file from all the others we will receive. Due March 15th.

You must have a picture to upload before you can fill out this form. Please name the picture "FristnameLastnamephoto" so we can tell the file from all the others we will receive.
This form is due April 1st.

Important information concerning the game. Make sure you read the letter, print it out and give a copy to your parents.

A list of all the equipment you will need to be able to play.

Every year the 8 Man All Stars award $2500 to $4000 in scholarships at the banquet. You do now have to attend a college or university to be awarded a scholarship. Due May 28th.