Getting to Know 8020

Ionic Brands welcomes you to join our 8020 Community Investor Group

The Site Basics

Access to Content

Through your 8020 "My Community" page, or under the corporate Investor Group, you'll find all the recent postings and updates from Ionic Brands

Safe Environment

8020 Connect provides 24/7 monitoring to protect shareholders and corporations from malicious individuals trying to negatively impact or influence the Investor Group.

Simple and Easy

8020 connects you to all the tools and information you need in one place through your desktop, tablet and/or mobile devices.

Download the 8020 app from the Apple App Store or Google Play

8020 House Rules

  1. No disparaging comments, excessive negativity, badgering or antagonizing of management or other members of the Investor Group (See point 4 below)
  2. Please direct all questions to Management for a response and not to members in the Investor Group
  3. Refrain from opinions on stock price movements or volumes
  4. Flag inappropriate comments or other Users who are in violation of House Rules
  5. Please use the "Thank You" button for good comments and questions

* Violations of House Rules may have you restricted or removed from the Community

Next Steps

You will now be redirected to the Ionic Brands Investor Group on 8020. Once you are there you will need to click on the "Add Corporate Feed" or the "Join Group" buttons to begin the sign up process. Don't worry we kept it short!

Thank you and welcome to the 8020 Community