About Us

686 Designs-who we are.

We are IT Professionals with over 20 years of being in the field as Network Admin and System Administrator that took up programming.

We have more than 10 years’ experience in web development.


- Strong knowledge of web development.

- Experience on PHP open source tools and frameworks.

- Good understanding of front-end technologies.

- Expertise in designing and maintaining large databases.

Programming Skills


- HTML/CSS, HTML 5/CSS3, Bootstrap.

- Various scripting languages

- Other Relational Database Programming.

Tech Skills

- Network -Cisco Switches

- Proficient on All Windows O/S including Server and Management , Mac O/S and Linux.

- Deployment Skills for Windows WDS and MDT, Mac -O/S DeployStudio and Munki.

- Google Domain Admin

- Windows Active Directory

- Software deployment