As the name suggests, the goal of an analytical essay is to analyse something and explain it in depth to increase understanding.

You can write an analytical essay on different subjects --- analyze a book, play, event, poem, issue, or a piece of art.

However, while tackling such essays don’t simply summarize the topic; instead, you are required to critically examine the details and provide evidence to support your arguments.

When writing about a novel analyze the plot, how the author has portrayed the characters, and the influence it has on the readers.


High school and college students are often asked to write a cause and effect essay and it is one of the more common types of essays.

Such essays require students to discuss why something took place and the consequences it has had. You can be asked to explain the effect or consequences of an event, decision or an action.

Choosing an essay writing service

The website alone can give you an idea of the quality. Look out for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes and grammar are the most obvious signs.

A website that claims to write a perfect paper for you with the help of experts itself has a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

If you spot any negative reviews regarding the quality of paper, missed deadlines or refund policies; you have landed at the wrong spot.

There is no harm in seeking assistance for your papers. But choose an essay writing service that will help you ace your subjects, not the other way around.

Understanding CASE STUDY

A case study is a tool that is used to get information or gather knowledge of a research topic. Case studies are mostly used to get detailed information, mostly in the fields of social sciences, business studies and life sciences.

The main purpose of any case study is to investigate. There are two main kinds of case studies. One is for business studies and the second type is for academics.


A book report is basically discussing the book contents in the form of a formal essay.

It sums up the significant features of the book like characters, title, author and plot and represents what a student like you understood or read about that particular book.

Remember! Writing a book report is different from writing a book review that demands a writer to give his/her personal opinions regarding the book. A lot of students consider these two different things the same which is utterly wrong.

WRITING a lab report

A lab report is basically made to analyze a scientific process and the main goal is to conduct a research, increase your understanding about the scientific process and analyze the obtained results.


Dissertation writing or thesis writing is not an easy task. A thesis can have a huge effect on your final transcript. You can ace all your grades but the end, your final project and thesis count for everything.

No matter how good your grades were, it will be all for nothing if you fail to present a successful thesis or dissertation.

A dissertation is formal writing that includes research and discussion on a specific topic. It is not like an ordinary essay. You can write an essay in a couple of hours if you pay attention.


A thesis or a final project is the alternative of final exam in disciplines such as humanities. They have different forms, but typically it is a paper that comprises everything a student has learnt in their respective discipline.

When it comes to choosing the topic and write a thesis, some professors like to guide the students towards a more generalized area and you can narrow it down and come up with a more targeted topic.

Writing Your First Book

Can you win a marathon race without practicing and getting in shape? Of course, you can’t! Greater achievements require hard work and practice.

Similarly, you cannot simply start blindly to write a book without practicing writing and polishing your skills. If you start it without preparation, you are more likely to fail.

Make sure you are a pro in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and keeping the content in a flow.

Always remember! Emotions in your content are an essential key to hook your readers to buy your book.

College Admission essay wiriting

A college admission essay is not like an ordinary 500-word essay. It is about you. You have to write down about your qualities in a way that leaves a positive impression of the reader.

Your college admission essay should showcase your personality other than your academic grades.

Write about yourself, about your qualities in your essay. Don’t try to explain everything about yourself in the essay. That is not possible to explain your life story in a few words.

Choose an event in your life. Create the base of your essay with that event and explain it in a way that it summarizes your personality.

eXPOSITORY essay writing

Expository comes from “expose” and expose means to disclose or reveal something to others. Similar to that, in an expository essay, your main goal should be to explain and inform your reader about a certain topic by providing such extensive details so they can easily understand it.

rhetorical analysis essay writing

Rhetorical Analysis Essay is different from writing a research paper. The main objective is to expose the rhetorical techniques when you try to persuade your target audience to accept your arguments.


Research paper topics hold a significant percentage in your final grade. As a student, it will be your worst nightmare if you did not get this one particular thing right. Mainly it is because like most of the students you might have not written more than a few pages, so thoughts of writing a thoroughly researched lengthy paper will be haunting you for sure.


Just like any other research paper, a psychology research paper is also scientific writing related to the recent developments and studies in the field of psychology. Any topic you choose, any piece of information introduced in your writing should be supported with evidence and supporting details.

Poetry Writing

Write a poetry in a way that it becomes easy for your readers to understand and visualize your content. Avoid using abstract words or feelings in your poem.

Concrete words help your readers get the picture of your writing.

Creative writing

As a creative writer use characters, settings, language, and background that you already know. Develop stories from the world you are familiar with.

It is similar to using research that you have already conducted.

Reading is the soul of writers. It helps a lot in developing new ideas and polishing writing skills. Make yourself familiar with the published content of the writers of the same field, whether it is literary fiction, thrillers, short stories, fantasy, or poetry.

Remember! Nothing in this world encourages writing more than good reading.