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Pod Coordinator Resources

Pods give a collective voice to women in science locally and are autonomous in creating a locally relevant plan for their pod.

Our next Pod Coordinator Meeting is:

December 15th, 12 PM EST

You can access previous Pod Coordinator Meetings here

Current Campaigns!

500 Women Scientists is celebrating an amazing woman scientist by inviting Pods to host a screening of “My Love Affair with the Brain: The Life and Science of Dr. Marian Diamond” throughout October and November. Dr. Diamond has spent over six decades researching the human brain, an endeavor she describes as “pure joy.” We know our incredible network of members can use this film screening as an opportunity to showcase the legacy and brilliance of Dr. Diamond while also increasing public awareness of 500 Women Scientists and raising funds for our growing, thriving organization. We are thrilled that the film’s creator, Luna Productions, is providing this movie for free to our Pods to screen for audiences. With our step-by-step how-to guide, your Pod can locate a venue, sell tickets, and raise money for your local group with ease.

Get Out the Vote

Our Get Out the Vote Campaign is live! As we approach the US midterm elections, we are mobilizing our network. We are asking our pods to:

  • Engage with their candidates and ask critical questions about science and justice-related issues
  • Register and mobilize voters to increase STEM student turnout and ensure that in the coming Congress, we have more leaders and representatives who value science and who are committed to creating equity and justice

Check out the link for a webinar and more information

Host an Edit-a-Thon, here is a how-to guide


Share your story! Go to https://500womenscientists.org/myimmigrationstory and fill out the Google Form, or tag us on twitter @500womensci

Join our Bookclub! Read with 500 Women Scientists, share with all your friends and colleagues.

500 WS Youth Pods

Youth Pods are pods of younger girls who want to start their own pod, but who need help because they are minors. We usually connect them to an adult “mentor” pod.

We have 6 Youth Pods

Tri-State Area

Boulder, CO

Folsom, CA. Folsom Pod featured as Pod of the Week, August 23rd

Bay Area

Manhasset, NY

San Jose, CA

We now have a Youth Pods email address with an actual live person who can answer and assist: youthpods@500womenscientists.org

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