Operational & Financial Turnaround

Sometimes companies get into a tough situation without wrong doing of their own. A large customer transfers the business to a low cost country, an economic downturn reducing sales, a sudden raw material cost increases pulling down margin, and the list goes on. There are also situations where well intended internal decisions don't work out and cause financial stress. There are many dynamics that can lead to the need of a turnaround. One key consideration in a distressed situation is "normal rules" sometimes don't apply. This is the time where different, short term KPI need to dominate decision making and short term cash becomes king more than ever. Even a high performance executive management team may be overwhelmed by the pressure applied from lenders, vendors, customers, BOD, and shareholders. Essentially all stakeholders are acting very different than during normal times. Bringing in an natural advisor who has been through this process more than once can be the only solution to develop and execute a turnaround plan that saves the company. In most cases having a turnaround expert working with the management team is the right solution. We are that type of advisor, we are NOT replacing the executive management team with interim executives who don't know the specifics of the business, we provide specific turnaround expertise and work with the executive team to get the company back on track and we have a proven, structure process to get it done.