4Value Advisors, LLC

Committed to Creating Shareholder Value

The 4Value Focus

We provide C-level consulting services for small and middle market companies. We focus on:

• Organic Growth and Margin Enhancement Strategy Development & Execution

• Merger & Acquisition Planning and Execution (buy-side and sell-side)

• Turnaround Plan Development & Implementation

We are operational and process focused, hands-on executives who team up with Owner-Operators, Private Equity Firms, Lenders, Board of Directors, and Management Teams to accelerate Shareholder Value Creation.

We have hands on experience in all aspects of managing small and middle market companies and support management teams to develop and implement profit maximizing strategies, plan and execute acquisitions, or execute turnarounds.

We are experts in sell-side consulting service for owners and board of directors in the early phase of evaluating strategic options like a merger, a joint venture or the sale of a company and support our clients throughout the transaction processes.

The 4Value Service

Different situations require different priorities. For example developing a strategy is different from creating a turnaround plan; considering an add-on acquisition is different from evaluating strategic options like JV or a sale. There is no use for a cookie-cutter approach. 4Value Advisors developed specific processes for each of these special situations and we work with our clients to further customize each step on the way.

We also recognize that knowledge and experience about M&A, Strategy Development or Turnaround plans varies company by company so we tailor our service offering to your specific needs and offer

• 1 day one-site seminars to cover the basics of each respective process and discuss

specific question important to your company

• On-side situation analysis or position assessments lasting a few days or several weeks, depending on the

scope of the engagement

• Project based consulting engagements including position assessments, gap analysis

and execution plan development

• Project based consulting partnerships which includes all aspects of the respective processes including developing and

overseeing the implementation of execution plans

Quality of Business

Long Term Business Strategy

Annual Operating Plan

Strategic Initiatives

Implementation Tracking

Situation Analysis

Options Evaluation

Operational Action Plans

Cash Flow / Projecting Financials

Bank & Supplier Negotiations

Investment Thesis

Gap Analysis & Target Screen

Markets & Competitors

Company's Competitive Position

Companies Performance

Projections, Opportunities & Risks

Potential Option Evaluation

Assess M&A Environment

Determine Range of Enterprise Value

Market & Company Attractiveness

Company Readiness for Sale

The 4Value Approach

We believe every Management Team consist of subject matter experts who know what needs to be done, but are sometime consumed by day-to-day tasks or “fire fighting”. It is difficult for an executive to find the time or to free up the right resources to focus on strategic planning and develop a detailed value creation plan or, if needed, an aggressive turnaround plan. With our hands on approach we provide the resources, proven processes and experience to support the team and accelerate shareholder value creation. We partner with management, identify and kick off initiatives, create actions plans, establish KPIs and implementation tracking processes. When this is done we get out of their way to let them do what they are good at, running the company

We also believe owners and board of director are the experts and have the knowledge as well as the experience to provide strategic direction and oversight for management. But not all owners or BOD have experience in mergers & acquisition. We provide objective advise in the early stages of the option evaluation process which, in some cases, has to be kicked-off years before a transaction tasks place. We help to get the company ready for sale and act as independent advisor throughout the execution process.

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