4Value Advisors, LLC

Committed to Creating Shareholder Value

We don’t pretend to be experts in everything but we are the right choice if you look for support to create shareholder value in a middle-market manufacturing company. We are committed to work with management teams and apply our experience as well as proven processes to drive growth or margin enhancements, support M&A processes and due diligence or create and execute turnaround plans.

Develop Growth & Margin Enhancement Strategies

Assess Quality of Business

Develop Business Strategy

Profitability Improvements

Annual Operating Plan

Strategic Initiatives

Support M&A & Operational Due Diligence

Develop Investment Thesis

Gap Analysis & Screen

Operational Due diligence

Stress Test Projections

Business & Integration Plan

Develop & Execute Turnaround Plans

Situation Assessment

Options Evaluation

Operational Action Plans

Projecting Financials

Bank & Supplier Negotiations

The 4Value Intend

It is our intend to become a temporary resource for the management team, work on a clearly defined project, and use proven processes to accelerate shareholder value creation. We believe every Management Team consist of subject matter experts who know what needs to be done but are often consumed by day-to-day tasks or “fire fighting”. Sometimes it is difficult to find the time or free up the right resources to step back and determine the next strategic move, to develop a comprehensive value creation plan, evaluate accelerating growth through M&A or create turnaround plan.

The 4Value Promise

We are operational and process focused executives who team up with Owner-Operators, PE Firms, Board of Directors and the Management Teams to create shareholder value. We support the team in the development and execution of Value Creation Plans. We apply our experience in all aspects of managing middle market manufacturing companies. Our promise is to team up with management, develop processes, identify and kick off initiatives, create actions plans, establish KPIs and then get out off their way as soon as possible to minimize the expenses for our clients.

We Are Committed To Support

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