Cyber Attacks


Link to a news video about major websites being disrupted by cyber attacks!

Timeline of the major cyber attacks in the United States!

Cyber attacks have been a major emergency since the internet was created. Hacking can happen anywhere! The United States of America is one of the biggest targeted countries for hacking. However, Russia has claimed they had no role with cyber attacking the election. People worldwide are targeted on their devices and hackers can find out personal information about them such as: credit cards, social securities, passwords into bank accounts, etc. When the private information about the person is found out, they can be robbed of their credit cards, money, and even houses. Credit cards can be charged and money can be taken out of bank accounts leaving the family with no money.

1983- Birth of the Internet: The internet is finally created and born, letting people research what they need to know.

1986- Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: The Computer and Fraud Abuse Act was created to protect the internet from hackers and spies.

1989- A college graduate, Robert Morris, released dozens of codes that spread to thousands of computers worldwide. Morris crashed 10% of 60,000 computers and the codes spread to the internet. Morris was the first to be convicted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

1998- The Animated Web: New animations and drawing tools were enabled on the internet. The look allowed hackers to learn that the new Web tools allowed them to take control of computers on the Web.

2007- Apple Create's Iphones: The company Apple created the new Iphone which allowed hackers more access to devices worldwide and doubled the amount of cyber attacks.

2014- Car Hacking: Security researchers published a guide to hacking automobiles and made hackers realize the flaws in the cars. Cars are now vulnerable to hacking and privacy intrusions.

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