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Welcome to 2nd grade!

Mme Kim and Mme Sion

  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Willingness to make and learn from mistakes (Growth Mindset)

Weekly Updates:

Conferences Sign up:

Mme Kim conferences with her homeroom class Red.

Mme Sion conferences with her homeroom class Blue.

Please only sign up for one slot and with one teacher. If you can not find a time that will work please contact us through email and we can help.

Sibling sign up is for siblings at our school available to sign up 10/19/18-10/21/18

Everyone will else sign up at Monday October 22, 2018. Please wait and be courteous to the multiple kids families!

Sign up Links

Mme Kim (Red Class):

Mme Sion (Blue Class):

Note from Aurelie Sion: I have over an hour commute, so please sign up back-to-back or as early as possible if you can instead of leaving me gaps. ;) My family and I would appreciate it!

HW: Students will receive a chore chart. If they accomplish 30 chores before winter break they will get a prize from me. Please have them fill or color in the chart for every time they help the family. I believe chores help with learning responsibilities and hard work ethic and this carries over to the classroom learning environment.

Yearbook Cover Art Contest!

Calling all student artists! We’re looking for a beautiful drawing of a fox for our yearbook cover (no crowns please). If you’d like to submit a potential cover we’re looking for artwork (drawing, painting, digital drawing, etc) on 8 ½ x 11 paper that goes the tall way. Don’t worry about including a title, we’ll add the words later. You are welcome to place artwork with your name and grade on the back in our Fox Box in the hallway across from Bernadette’s office. The deadline is Friday, November 2nd. You can email artwork to Mme Michele or Mme Elise - or

Week 8 Oct 22nd-26th

English Reading: Lesson 8: Super Storm The learning strategy is main idea and details.

Writing: Students will write a list of scary words, scary sentences and then a scary story. The grammar topic of the week is action verbs.

Science: Exploring the properties of solids.


  • Writing: the students will write their first 'qu'est-ce que c'est?". They give out clues about their chosen object. On Thursday, they will share with their group.
  • Reading: a text with Fannie. It mainly targets reviwed sounds.
  • Grammar: noun-determinant agreement: masculine, feminine, plural.

Math: unit 2: Exploring standards units of length

The kids brought their unit 1 home with a self-evaluation...check backpack. ;)

We are learning to choose the most efficient measurement tool to measure an object. I'm also adding the skills of using a ruler, tracing lines in the correct unit (in/cm). It is silly to me that these are not math standards! I will teach it but not assess it.

Art: We finished our study on warm/cold colors.

We are now exploring the life, the work, and the art of Henri Matisse.


Oct 19: Picture Day + health screening

Week 7: Oct. 15th-19th

French: Grammar: determinant + noun agreement

Writing: To mimic their English writing, the kids will write their own French silly animal stories. They will use a complex sentence structure.

Reading: The kids will continue their "on" review with Fannie. Dictée on Friday.

Math: We are finishing up unit 1. The kids will have their end-of-unit test. We are then starting unit 2, which is exploring units of measure.

English Reading: Students will start stations in reading. Students are reading Lesson 6 Animal Building Homes.

Writing: Students will write silly brother and sister sentences. Grammar will continue to focus on complete sentences.

Science: Students will start there first science unit titled Solids and Liquids. The first few investigations are about Solids.


Oct. 8th: Kick off Read-a-thon Fundraiser

Oct. 10: Walk/Bike to School Day

Oct. 11/12: No School Professional Development

HW: Every week children should be reading English books at home, 20 min per day. Reading can include, reading quietly to one self, being read to, and or alternating both options (this is preferable).

If you can, help your child write the spelling words in French and have them tell you what they mean. This is a vocabulary building review.


Reading: Students will start stations in reading. They will practice choosing daily 5 routines.

Writing: Students will write a silly animal story. Students will continue to work on the grammar subject sentence structure.

Social Studies: Students will create the flip book about their world.

French: We are reviewing the sound "on". In grammar, we are continuing our study on nouns.

Math: Using a number bond, students understand the relationship between addition and subtraction.


Week 5: 10/01-10/5

HW: Students should practice how to log in to Thinkcentral. They should practice typing their username and password. Their username and password is being sent home in their homework folder. If every child practices before Thursday; we have a much smoother lesson on how to use Think Central. Students do not have to memorize their username. They will be taped on their computer. They need to experience learning how to click in the boxes and type. I'm hoping they will have some ideas where the keys are to spell their username and how to use drop down menus. Thanks for your help!!!!

Optional HW: Students can also listen to the story of the week which is in their library in ThinkCentral. They click on Student Book Unit 1 and go to lesson 5. There are sound buttons they can click on to listen or they can read it to you.

Please donate healthy non perishable snacks to hand out to 2nd graders who forget. Thanks!!!

Mme Kim is still looking for volunteers on Tuesday morning and afternoon.

Please say your goodbyes at the classroom door. Students should feel comfortable by now and this keeps noise level down before the bell rings.


Reading:The students will review the sound 'in' (pronounced like the number 1 in French) with Fannie. The dictée #4 is posted under Sion's resources.

Note about their 'spelling test' or dictée. My intent with it is to increase their vocabulary and to see who can work independently at the computer.

We wrote our first story about coming to school last week.

Grammar: We started learning about nouns and proper nouns.

Math: Unit 1

We are solving equations (calculs) with 2 digit numbers using decomposing strategy with their knowledge of place value.

Art: exploring warm/cold colors

Reading: Students will read Lesson 5 Diary of a Spider. They will learn their last station choice Listen to Read. Students learn to use three websites to practice reading; Epic, Tumblebooks, and ThinkCentral. Links can be found on Mme Kim's online resource page.

Writing: Students will take a spelling inventory and a writing assessment. These are not district mandates but they give me a good picture of students writing and spelling skills. I keep them to show growth through out the year.

Social Studies: Students will finish the last pages of their flip book North America and Planet Earth. On Friday we will put them together.

Social Emotional Learning: Students will continue to explore the topic respectful learning. Students will learn a kid friendly version of a sun salutation Yoga sequence.


Week 4: Sept. 24th-28th:

Sept 25th: Curriculum Night/Special PTO meeting: 6:00-6:45 pm: Grades 1 & 2 parents in classrooms. 6:45 – 7:00 pm: Staff intros and Parent Group (PTO) presentation in gym. 7:15 – 8:00 pm: Grades 3-5 Please come to meet teachers in our classroom and hear about our exciting new year!

Sept 28th: Community Night Out @Yogurt Xtreme + first check-out time at our library. The kids can check out a French book and an English book. They are excited!

Reading: Students will read Lesson 3 Dogs. Students will learn their 3rd station choice Word Work. This station is about practicing their weekly spelling words.

Writing: Students will continue to use the brainstorming technique writing lists. Then they will pick from their list and write a story about one of the their friends. The grammar topic continues to be subject and predicate to create complete sentences.

Social Studies: Students will continue creating their flip book on their world. The topics will be my state and my country.

Social/Emotional Learning: Students will continue practicing mindfulness for taking a break. We do this whole class and individually. We will start the first part of the new curriculum the district adopted called Second Step. Students will learn about respectful learning.

French: We finished the sound "ou" (pronounced "oo"). Ask them to sing the "ou" song from Mr. Chappell.

This upcoming week, we are reviewing an/en. The kids are also writing in cursive once a week for different reasons.

Math: unit 1: adding and subtracting within 100- We are going to use place value to add two 2-digit numbers. We are also using number bonds and number line to solve story problems. We have started our math groups to cater to all's needs.

Art: We started our study on colors through the work of artists. To celebrate the beginning of fall, we are painting leaves using the contrast of cold/warm colors.


Week 3 Sept. 17th-21st

Reading: Students will read Lesson 2, My Family, and practice how to compare and contrast elements in the story. Students will learn the next station choice called work on writing. This station will give students the freedom to write anyway students feel like. Students enjoy writing comics, letters, fiction stories, small books and use ever changing various writing prompts.

Writing: The goal is to learn how to brainstorm using lists. The grammar topic is subjects and predicates in a sentence.

Social Studies: Students will talk about our school community and our city of Eugene. Students are creating a flip book about their world. They will create the 2 pages about their school and their town.

Social/Emotional learning: Last week students focused on growth mindset. This week students will learn about mindfulness.

French: We are reviewing the sound 'ou' this week. We are also starting our small groups instruction. The students will be reading with me, work on phonics with our intern Fannie and listen to the words of the week.

Math: Unit 1- adding and subtracting within 100 using different math tools and strategies.

Art: warm/cold colors through artists' works.


Week 2 Sept 9th-13th

Reading: Our class will read the story of the week Henry and Mudge. The reading strategy is sequence of events. Students will also learn their first station choice called Read to Self. Read to Self is an opportunity to read self selected books during small group reading.

Writing: Students will be learning how to get their ideas down in their composition book. They will also startlearn to create their own community of writers.

Social Studies: We will be focusing on where they live in the world. This week topic is our street. Students will be encouraged to learn their address.

French: Learning French stations and review of vowel sounds

Math: Adding and Subtracting numbers within 100.


Week one Sept. 5th- Sept. 7th

Our classes will focus on building community, rules, and routines the first three days of school. We look forward to getting to know your students and building the foundation for a great year.