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Family Resources

Troubleshooting Clever

If your student is having trouble signing in with Clever, here are two quick things to try. If you are still having issues, please restart your device. (Put in a tech ticket if you are still having trouble.)

Turning off Private Browsing Mode Small.mov

Turn off Private Browsing Mode

Private mode allows for searching that will not be recorded in the iPad's saved browser history (not recommended for students). When it is turned on, students will see a dark bar across their address bar. It prevents students from signing in to Clever, Seesaw, and other sites students may need. It's a good thing to check if students are having trouble.

Fixing Video.Link Setting for Safari Small.mov

Safari Settings to Fix Video.link

If your student has reported issues playing your video.link clips, there are two steps to helping it run smoothly. 1. Change one small setting in Safari, and 2. refresh the webpage in Safari. After refreshing, it should play just the way it used to.

Signing into Google Drive on iPads Small.mov

Signing into Google Apps

If your students have their 4J Google permission slips signed and turned in, and would like to sign into Google Apps. They can do so by signing into Google Drive (one time) and it should keep them signed in until they decide to sign out. It will sign them into all apps at once.

Zoom with Clever Steps-1.pdf

Zoom with Clever Sign in Steps

Printable handout with steps for accessing Class Zoom Link from a Clever teacher page. (Also mentions to click Seesaw if there isn't one available from Clever and has a video example included as well).

Spanish Zoom with Clever Steps.pdf

Zoom with Clever Sign in Steps (Spanish)

Logging in with Clever Visual for Students.pdf

Getting Started with Clever

Handout to share with families to show them how to use their badge to sign in to Clever to get to Seesaw or your Zoom Link (if you added one).

(Spanish) Logging in with Clever Visual for Students.pdf

Getting Started with Clever (Spanish)

Zoom For Students with 4J iPads.pdf

Zoom for Students with 4J iPads

This handout gives families information about how to log in to Zoom with a link or session ID and password. It also shares helpful troubleshooting tips and commonly used features.

(Spanish) Zoom For Students with iPads K-12.pdf

Zoom for Students with 4J iPads (Spanish)

Student Tutorials

Setting Your Name in Zoom App Small.mov

How to Change Your Name in Zoom (Permanently)

To have your student's name appear correctly and be remembered for next time, you will need to sign in using the Zoom app on your student's iPad. You will need to write down the session number and password from your teacher. They may send the session information in an email, post on Seesaw or as a message on Clever.

Renaming in Zoom Small.mov

Changing Your Name in Zoom (Temporarily)

This quick clip shows how you can sign into your Zoom Session and change your name after you arrive. It will remember your name during the session. If you need your name to stay permanently, watch the clip above on setting your name one time in the Zoom app.

Clever Sign in Walk Through Small.mov

How to Get onto Zoom from Clever

If your teacher has added a "Teacher Page" in Clever, they may have added a link to their classroom Zoom. If they have, here are the steps to getting logged in from their page. (If not, see example below of how to find your Zoom link on Seesaw).

Accessing Zoom via Seesaw small.mp4

How to Get onto Zoom from Seesaw

This clip shows what students will see when they log in to Seesaw and how to get started with Zoom.

Zoom Tip Always Show Toolbar Small.mov

Zoom Tip: Always Showing the Zoom Toolbar

This clip shows how to turn on the "Always Display Zoom Toolbar" setting in Zoom from student iPads. This can make finding the mic and digital hand easier for younger students.

Close all Tabs on iPad Small.mov

How to Close Tabs on Your iPad

If you ever need to close your tabs in Safari, you can quickly close them all with one button. Click on Safari, and in the top right corner you will see a "Double Square". If you tap and hold on the double square, you will see the option to Close All Tabs at the top of the list.

Seesaw Basics

1. Intro to Seesaw Screencast Small.mov

1. Intro to Seesaw

2. Seesaw Adding items Drawing Small.mov

2. Introducing the Drawing Tools

3. Seesaw Text Box Screencast Small.mov

3. Adding a Text Box

4. Seesaw Recording Screencast Small.mov

4. Adding a Recording

5. Seesaw Camera Tool Screencast Small.mov

5. Adding a Photo

6. Seesaw Shapes Button Screencast Small.mov

6. Adding Shapes

7. Seesaw Backgrounds Screencast Small.mov

7. Changing Backgrounds

8. Seesaw Audio Caption Screencast Small.mov

8. Adding an Audio Caption

Seesaw Tool Basics from Seesaw

Taking a Photo

Drawing Tools

Adding Your Voice

Making a Video

How to use Arrow tool in Seesaw Recording Small.mov

How to Use the Arrow Tool in Seesaw

If your students will be recording passage reading fluency samples, the arrow tool is a great resource! It is available in the bottom right corner of the page in Seesaw, any time you use the record (mic) from the left sidebar. It's a great tip for letting students tell you about their work and can be a fun tool for teachers too if you are creating a recording to share an example with students and want to let them see where to look.