H10 B - Week 4

April 22 - 26

Monday, April 22

Tuesday, April 23


  • Write your thesis on a warm-up sheet.
    • Put it in the warm-up box
    • We will look at 2 or 3 at the beginning of class together.
    • Write: DO NOT USE at the top if you don't want yours looked at.
    • No names will be used in class (handwriting on the doc cam, any other identifiers) if yours is selected.
  • Work on papers

Wednesday, April 24

  • Warm-up - Study for the test
    • Get out all of your Study Questions for Acts I--V
    • Talk quietly if you need clarifications from your neighbor. Others will want to be able to study quietly.
    • Timer for 8 minutes will be set at the beginning of class. Then it is test time!
  • Macbeth Final Test
  • Pick up "Macbeth and Robert Frost" poem and half-sheet (pink)
  • Work on papers when finished with everything

Thursday, April 25

  • Get computers and write outlines/papers.
  • I will circulate for help.
  • Try to finish outline phase and transition into writing rough drafts today.
  • You should have something to show for peer editing tomorrow.

Friday, April 26 - I am SO sorry I am sick!

  • Peer editing
  • Bodtker has some structures available, depending on how far along you are
  • Continue to write!
  • By the end of the day, you should have a rough draft in order to be on pace to turn it all in on Monday.