Basic Facts

  1. Elephants are large mammals of the family Elephantidae and the order Proboscidea.
  2. Three species are currently recognized: the African bush elephant (Loxodonta africana), and the African forest elephant (L. cyclotis)
  3. Elephants are scattered throughout sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.
  4. Calves weigh between 200-250 lbs at birth. At birth, a calf's trunk has no muscle tone, therefore it will suckle through its mouth. It takes several months for a calf to gain full control of its trunk.
  5. Although unable to jump or gallop, elephants can reach a top speed of 40 km (25 miles) per hour. Their feet are well adapted to carrying their great weight. The heel is partially elevated, and below it is a thick fatty, fibrous wedge of tissue protected by thick skin. It is not easy for elephants to lie down and get up; they sleep lying down for three to four hours during the night. While standing, elephants doze for short periods but do not sleep deeply.

A herd of elephants (Below)

A baby elephant

Elephants are awesome! Right?