Adams Physical Education

When is PE

Students have PE twice weekly check with your child's teacher

Office Hours

PE Zoom Expectations

  • I show up on time

  • I will have plenty of space to move and groove!

  • I will be up & moving, not watching, video on, this is not the Coach Brian T.V. show

  • I will raise my hand when I need help, have a question or am not sure what to do

  • I can stay muted unless asked to unmute by my teacher

  • I will do my best and have FUN!

Welcome to our Adams PE page. I'm really happy that you found me here. I am really sad that I don't get to teach all of my wonderful students in our gym right now. I hope you are all healthy and well. This page is intended as a resource that you can use to help give some guided movement activities and will change and grow as we move forward.

Welcome Adams Kinders

I'm so happy that you are joining us!

I know it can be challenging but I would encourage kids and families to try some of these challenges as well as doing activities outside if you can do so safely. Like time in PE in our gym the #1 focus is to be safe as you are being active. Families, have your kids help in the garden, go on a nature scavenger hunt, turn chores into a game to name a few ideas.

Pe with 4j friends

Fail Then Sail Poster.pdf

Additional 4j PE Teacher Resources

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