Iron 7: The Costume

Project Start: April 4, 2017

Project Completion: April 8, 2017

Description: Participate in a costume contest

April 8, 2017: Today a champion will be crowned

The weather was rainy and dark the evening of the final we entered the old LDS 19th Ward House, we were greeted by many other revelers, who obviously also came ready to win. The competition was going to be fierce, no doubt. We played casino games, listened to drag queens call out BINGO numbers, even enjoyed a performance by the "women of SLAC". And then the moment came, the costume competition. While Steven tried to charm, he didn't make it to the final round...but Joy did. It was between her, and five other fantastic costumes...but there can be only one winner! Luckily, there was no Steve Harvey moment after the announcement -- and Joy had a blast accepting her award Miss Universe style.

April 7, 2017: Let's get the experts involved

Luckily for Steven, he already owns a tux and top hat (don't ask why...just accept that reality), but Joy is lacking in 20's attire. So it was off to one of Salt Lake's BEST costume shops: Farina's Costumes. In the experienced hand of costume-eer Nicole, they put together a very reasonably priced rental for a VERY 20's outfit... Joy merely supplied the wig. All that was left was a little inspired makeup on Joy's part (thanks YouTube!). The GAME is on.

April 6, 2017: You have a tote for what?

Funny side bar -- Joy had never heard of having a tote of Halloween costumes before. Every "good" Utahn has one. But Joy has always lived in a place where space = $$$ and never had room for a tote. Get your tote game on Joy...seriously.

3irons project Halloween '16

April 4, 2017: Show up for the dress up

We love a good costume party. Who doesn't? (Besides Steven's wife Jenney who says her outfit to anything is "black"). Obviously the art of a good costume designer is something so revered, that it has it's own Oscar category. So when we heard that Salt Lake Acting Company was having a roaring 20's casino night fundraiser, and that there would be a costume contest involved, how could 3 Irons resist?