Iron 5: The Shoot

Project Start: April 10, 2017

Project Completion: April 25, 2017

Description: Select a professional photographer that is capable of establishing the trademark image to accompany our brand

April 25, 2017 - It's a wrap!

George sent us some fantastic pictures, we asked for a few minor changes (a few less wrinkles in the shirt, a few more wrinkles on the brow) and he provided us with six complete photographs. I know we live in an age of visual manipulation, but it really is amazing what a talented photographer can do. He took many shots of us in the same scene and we got to pick which photo we liked best of each individual in the scene, and then he compiled them all into one final shot. See for yourself some of the results!

April 15, 2017 - Thank you beloved Photoshop

George sent us a Google Drive link today with about 100 "raw" pictures. The magic begins...we can now pick our top 6 for final editing, but even more cool, he has told us that we can pick from each image and he can mix and match ourselves into the photo to get the "perfect shot". He also promised to take 10 pounds off. Fun! Photo credit: George Oakley, L-R: Steven Labrum, Amber Woody, Joy Haynes, George Oakley

Photo by George Oakley

April 12, 2017 - God Bless the Makeup Artists

We did "The shoot today". It started with George Oakley doing his setup at noon and shooting started at 1:30. While he did his thing, Amber Woody, a professional makeup artist and stylist represented by TMG put us into the "Beauty Blender". The wonderfully talented Anne Lee from the Utah Symphony joined in on the fun, and it was a fascinating day of setups, getting the right face on, & different exposures (let's just say this isn't George's first rodeo). Without a doubt, the value of having a talented set of eyes making sure that the wrinkles weren't exaggerated (both on our faces and our clothing) was something that not only helped the quality of the pictures, but also helped put us at ease so we could focus on a "10% smile". Amber Woody, this Bud is for you.

April 10, 2017 - Beautiful through the lens

In preparation for "The Shoot" the first step our photographer, George Oakley, insisted on was to come and scope out the space. We weren't quite sure what to expect...we had chosen him because we like his other work, but frankly, the intimacy of being photographed can be a little intimidating. He showed up at our new little office, with the windows still filled with newspaper, and with a big smile he confirmed that A. He was the perfect choice for what we are going for, B. He is a pro, understanding lighting, challenges, framing, etc. and C. He knows how to make his clients feel beautiful, and "seen". With some wardrobe choices and ideas for shot setups now in mind, we will get ready for a 4-5 hour shoot on Wednesday!

April 9, 2017 - Everyone's a photographer...right?

The universal truth that anyone in social media, public relations, or any other form of content creation will tell you: VISUALS are what get "read". We know this truth to be self-evident. Yet, for the most part, all of the imagery of our 3 Irons brand and social media has been off our iPhones (with the exception of our logo which was created by Graphic Designer Sarina Villareal.) After making the investment into The Office, and given that we worked with cityhomeCOLLECTIVE to pull that was only fitting that we reached out to professional photographer George Oakley to collaborate with on this project. He is the lens behind many of the slick ads you see for cityhome, and we are hoping that he will bring the same magic to our branding.