Iron 4: The Gratitude

Project Start: April 1, 2017

Project Completion Goal: March 31, 2018

Description: Write 365 hand written thank you notes over the course of the 50 Irons project

May 8, 2017 - Oddly Challenged

Today was one of the first days that I felt challenged by "time" to get my gratitude in. I had a very busy day, with plenty to do to keep me busy. But the idea of this iron stood looming above me, till finally I just said "I gotta get this done" and wrote a quick note. It took five minutes, but sometimes getting those little things done for me feels overwhelming. Once I did, I felt a great sense of relief and joy...and frankly, the playwright of "Hand to God" that I wrote my thank you note to, was well deserving of a few minutes of my attention!

May 1, 2017 - Well, at least I'm good at something

Of all the "Irons" we have done so far, this one as been the most consistent. It's easy to put off the looming largess of a big project. But a thank you note? That takes 5 minutes, and can be done NOW. It just so happens to be the only thing that I (SL) have been able to consistently do during this first month of our grand experiment. On days where I wasn't sure who to thank, I thought big! I've written to the founder of Netflix (who has changed the way I watch video forever), the founder of Airbnb (who basically pays my mortgage through my rentals). And maybe more importantly, I've noticed a change in the way that I think about my days...I'm on the lookout for who I can show some gratitude towards, I like how that feels. I quite selfishly wish that more people noticed when I did things for them and showed a little love my way. I love this Iron.

April 4, 2017 - No, Thank YOU

A thank you thumbs up. "Thx" via email. Who doesn't love to feel like their part mattered, that what they did was noticed and appreciated. So we had a crazy idea. What if for one of our projects, we committed to writing a thank you note every single someone...for some reason. How would that change the way we see the world, and maybe how others perceive us as well? Wasn't there a day and age when a right of passage was receiving your own stationery? There is an art to writing, to choosing what to write on (and with) that we have deep respect this project is to explore that through the challenge of expressing our thanks.