Iron 33: The Plaque

Project Start: September 28, 2017

Project Completion: November 28, 2017

Description: Design and Produce a Permanent Plaque to honor the contributors to The Mural

November 28, 2017 - A drill, a rubber mallet, and some silicone glue walk into a bar

The punchline to that joke I'll leave up to your imagination. But it was with these tools that Allotech came out in about 30 minutes was able to get the permanent plaque installed. This stainless steel plate is secured to the wall with four screws that are welded onto the back. First the technician used a sheet of paper that he put up on the wall and made sure was even. Then he drilled through the guide holes on that paper into the brick. Then he filled those holes with silicone glue, and put some on the studs, and the whole thing slid right into place. A few taps with the mallet. And another Iron was officially forged!

October 23, 2017 - It just seems more real when it is on a plaque

There is something about seeing your name on a plaque, or carved into stone. Maybe it is the permanence we associate with headstones at the cemetery...but it feels very official! We were thrilled that Allotech delivered on time. It gave us a great visual to thank the sponsors after watching the short film by Brent Rowland of Vexta's mural being made.

October 5, 2017 - Site Visit

We headed down to 3600 South ready to see a metal working plant in action, and to speak with Jason Bunker to get the pro's and con's of the different metal choices available to us. Turns out that stainless steel is the most durable option. It doesn't have the nice coloring and patina that brass offers, but it is a little cheaper, and if someone decides to deface it, it won't be terribly difficult to clean up. Jason and his team only had one problem...they are WAY busy, and wouldn't be able to meet the deadline that we had hoped for (to reveal this plaque at the same time we screened The Chronicle). Not letting busyness get in the way of good business practice, Jason offered another solution: they could quickly produce a "temporary" plaque on aluminum with raised lettering. They even threw in that solution at no extra cost for us! Fully satisfied with their offer, we signed the contract and got in the 6-8 week queue.

September 28, 2017 - Let's play with metal

The Mural is done, but what about some recognition for the donors who made it happen? Not to mention something to help visitors to the mural understand who made it and what it is called. For this Iron, we wanted to explore the creation of a plaque. A quick search of the web brought up a family run company in the area: Allotech. We reached out to them with an idea for our design and a quote, they got back to us with three different options: brass, steel, or aluminum. Next step, let's go out to their factory and take a look!