Iron X: The Style

Updated April 8, 2017

  1. The website is being done via Google Sites which was chosen both for its simplicity as well as for the automatic formatting for mobile devices.
  2. There will be a home page, a contact page, and then the rest of the pages will be each dedicated to an "iron"
  3. Style themes and fonts may change with time to keep the site looking "fresh"
  4. The home page will highlight a "what's hot" section in order to update the user on where to navigate next for up to date information
  5. Each page will have a title following the format similar to what is shown above, with an appropriate graphic chosen
    1. Care should also be taken to ensure that the title is only on one line of text, and each title is "The X" (one word)
  6. The next section will be a summary of the project as shown below, always with the 3 Irons logo in background and bolded as shown
  7. Following sections should vary from "regular" to "emphasis 1" for the background, and should always try to include at least one visual
    1. Always start with a date formated Month X, 201X with a very short description and in the "Subheading" format
    2. Keep each posting to no more than 300 words, with an average of 100 words
    3. Hyperlink as much as appropriate to maximize links to other collaborators or inspirations

Project Start: Date

Project Completion Goal: Expected Date (remove "goal" when done)

Description: Short description (should not be more than one line)

May 4, 2017 - Logo Rules

1. We have decided that our name shall be always listed as "3 Irons" (not 3irons, Three, 3 irons)

2. The following logos can be used

April 8, 2017 - Example of how to do a section

This is the way that each of the sections can be done. Use bullet points and other design elements to break it up and make it look interesting. I'm just going to write a bunch more text now so that you can see what 150 words looks like more or less and I am going to include a picture to the right. It is important to keep in mind that this doesn't look like a ton on a desktop computer, but MOST users are going to be using a mobile device to look at the website, so a lot of text then becomes cumbersome. This section has 123 words. You can see that it is enough to digest in a bite sized chunk.

April 7, 2017 - How multiple sections should look

When you have multiple entries, always keep the most recent on top, and alternate between the regular (white) and Emphasis 1 (light gray). Don't be afraid to put one (or more) images in the same box with the text, or to put them to the left of the text. Try to size the pictures (or links) with the text to look even. Add links to pics and text wherever possible