Iron 3: The Online

Project Start: January 2017 (at Sundance Film Festival)

Project Completion Goal: Indefinite

Description: Develop and Execute an a effective online strategy to engage and cultivate an audience of collaborators

July 18, 2017: Consistency is the basis

Perhaps one of the most challenging items of this year of 50 Irons has been trying to keep up on the online updates. Our goal has been to keep a consistent record of our accomplishments as well as on ongoing account of our efforts in order to both bring attention to our partners, and keep an ongoing support network (without it, we are couldn't accomplish a fraction of our lofty goals.) This has however, turned out to be incredibly challenging. The discipline of keeping an online presence up to date has been a challenge that we haven't kept up to our standards. Well, there is always today to start anew!

Promoted on the Insta

Promoted on Instagram

May 2, 2017: Shameless Self-Promotion

Part of the reason that I (SL) never did much social media up to this point, is because it felt so glaringly fake to me. I guess in my life, I've always struggled with the terms of real relationships (I'll give you my shrink's number if you are also a recovering co-dependent). But there is also the sense of much can you say "hey, look at me! my dog! my baby! my food!" before everyone wants to emoji shit in your general direction? A brand though...that is something I know how to promote and sell. And now we have the 3 Irons brand, that we NEED engaged friends and followers in order to stage successful events or otherwise get support. So today, we are trying something I never thought I would admit to: we are doing a paid post of one of the pics from "The Shoot". The idea is, we are going to promote the photog we collaborate with, and hopefully, we can build some new followers too. For $15, it is worth a try!

April 13, 2017: Holy shit it's hard to be online

I (SL) avoided any social media except LinkedIn up until we did the Twitter campaign during Sundance. Now, social media and web strategy is looming in front of me. A giant monster who is never satisfied...and also doesn't seem to always know what it wants to eat. I loathe the monster. I used to enjoy expressing my disdain by being one of the last remaining people on earth without a FB account. And now, here I am, wondering what and how and why I will put content on this website, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and for hell's sake, I'm drawing the line at Snapchat... The real issue here that we are sorting out is time and balance. How do I make regular time daily to post GOOD content. And how do we keep a nice balance across the platforms so that our friends don't mute us. And, god help me, how do I keep any pics of food/pets out of it!

April 8, 2017: A Style Guide is critical

Steven's wife Jenney has spent the last three years building a website ( We sought her advice to take a look at our relatively simple Google Sites website and let us know what she thought. Very quickly, she noticed that it was difficult to navigate and understand what was going on due to an inconsistency in format. Great advice received, we have implemented a style guide for the website and we went through each of the pages to make corrections and create a site that is easier to digest. Once again, reminded that design is what makes something effective!

April 5, 2017: How we build an online strategy

Before 3 Irons took on the 50 Irons project, the purpose of our little "2 Person Support Group" was to simply have fun and try to engage in creative activities. For the past few years, binging on Sundance films during the festival was a big part of that. This year, to make it a little more "creative" and to have some fun, we decided to start a Twitter account and live tweet our way through the festival. That quickly grew into also doing interviews, and the rest is Twitter history.

The challenge we are facing now is HOW to sustain an effective online strategy, across multiple social media and web platforms, in an effective an interesting way? And maybe equally as important, how the heck do we find the time in the day to invest in all this effort (even as I am writing this blog, I have 10 other things I could be doing, but I know I've gotta post regular, "good" content). One big thing we are doing to start: meet IRL with other active social media-ites in town. Make real friendships and connections, and seek their guidance on how we can be isn't called the Social Network for nothing, this is a collaborative experience!