Iron 26: The Glassblower

Project Start: September 28, 2017

Project Completion Goal: October 28, 2017

Description: Create a piece of glass art with master artist Luca Rattazzi

September 29, 2017: When blacksmiths get artsy

There is something magical and romantic about glass. The fire, the hot iron, the aprons, all beg to a time where blacksmiths forged their steel. Yet some ancient artists began to harness the flame and sand to form glass. Think of how that has changed our world. It gave us to ability to have light enter a house, and keep the heat inside; and of course, it gave countless beach wanderers the opportunity to find a lucky shard of smooth blue sea-junk. For this iron, we wanted to take on the artistic discipline of glass blowing, both learning the basics of the craft, and joining 3 Irons' friend Luca Rattazzi to make an original piece.