Iron 25: The Chef

Project Start: September 23, 2017

Project Completion Goal: November 18, 2017

Description: Time to take on the culinary arts. For this iron, we are going to work with a professional chef at Harmon's to learn how to make something a delicious beauty. And food is better with friends, so we will get a group together to forge this iron together!

November 18, 2017: Too many chefs in the kitchen?

Cooking is an art that is accessible to all of us, and quite frankly, we all benefit from sharpening our paring knives for this one! We had a really fun mix of people for this Iron, and everyone showed up on time ready to learn (and eat.) We were fortunate to have the talented and fun Casey Jay as our chef guiding the class, and he jumped right into teaching us how to make some basics from Chinese Cuisine: Spring Rolls, Egg Drop Soup, Lemongrass Chicken...and don't forget the Ham Fried Rice with Bok Choy! We had people of all skill levels participating, and everyone seemed to learn a little something new. I will forever be grateful for the new onion cutting technique he taught us! Here are some great pics from the event. It was great fun, Harmon's was a fantastic location, and we would gladly repeat this Iron anytime!

September 24, 2017: Irons come in all shapes and sizes

One of the most common questions we get about he 50 Irons project is: "Did you have 50 ideas in mind when you started?" The answer is "no!" We certainly had a few in the fire, but we had zero fear that more ideas wouldn't present themselves. The Chef is a case in point. We were supporting the Discovery Gateway's annual Bumble Bee Bash (fundraising gala) and we saw an item up for silent auction bid: a class for 16 at Harmon's. This instantly sparked our imagination, and we certainly couldn't exclude the culinary arts from our year of living creatively. So we placed our winning bid, and now, we just need to find another 14 fun loving and creative friends to join us...and decide exactly what we are going to learn how to make!

Recipes from The Chef at Harmons.pdf