Iron 22: The Open Mic

Project Start: July 27, 2017

Project Completion Goal: August 2, 2017

Description: Stand at the Open Mic Night and deliver a 3 minute comedy set

August 2, 2017: Sooo, this really happened

There are men and women all over this world who scratch out their jokes, stand before strangers, and try to make the world a little better by making people laugh. I tip my hat to these artists. They may represent the most pure form of art: not only do they create, but they stand there while their audience makes an instant judgement of the value of that art. For Steven, we were just hoping not to bomb. He got some laughs... you be the judge if he was funny or not! Check out this FB Link to watch the 3 minute set.

August 1, 2017: All jokes with no punchlines

So I came up with a concept: I'll play the part of a Dad, whose daughter writes jokes, and I am there to tell them. It seemed like a safe way to 1) Be able to read my jokes off a card (because I am reading "her" jokes) and 2) Deliver with some awkwardness (that probably would be inevitable anyway). So I proceeded to come up with a bunch of topics that would be typical for a 15 year old. Luckily I have a kid that age, so finding topics wasn't hard -- I began to brainstorm jokes. Bieber, popular movies, Kardashians, boys... I ended up with 10-15 good joke starts... but drew a blank on any funny finishes. As is my way in life, I waited until the morning of the performance, and some inspiration finally came to me. The 6 jokes from the monologue (7 if you include my intro) are the ones that made the cut.

July 27, 2017: Stand Up and Take the Mic

Like most class clowns, Steven has always dreamt of standing in front of an audience and delivering some laughs. The allure of the "Open Mic Night" seems to be that first stepping stone, and an opportunity to test out some material. Lucky for us, there is a fantastic comedy club in Downtown SLC: Wiseguys at Gateway Mall. We've been to a few of their open mic nights before, each time partially committing to "get up there someday". On July 25th, we were there again, and this time, it is during the year of 50 that means, no more putting off this bucket list creative goal. We are committing to getting Steven up on that stage for 3 minutes (or until he gets booed off!)