Iron 21: The Slasher

Project Start: July 27, 2017

Project Completion Goal: August 4, 2017

Description: Create and present an inspirational speech at a youth leadership conference

August 4, 2017: Your nervous because you are a professional

It's a presentation for a group of teenage girls...what could go wrong? The day of presentation came, and Joy did two presentations to do different groups of 30-50 people. Each time, the presentation was a little different. Steven ran the slide show, and learned quickly to put some queues onto the speech to help him to know when to "click" through. Overall, it was a great experience. A week ago, Joy didn't think she had anything to talk about, and was frankly a little nervous about the idea of giving an inspirational speech. The truth is, we have all lived lives with our own unique experiences and insights. If we are willing to sit down and take the time to make our stories relevant to a particular audience, we can pass the wisdom on and do it in an inspiring/entertaining way. This iron is officially forged!

August 2, 2017: Practice Makes Perfect

Joy is a trained and seasoned actor. That means she knows how to be ready for a performance. We worked for a couple days to come up with a great speech for her to give. She bounced the idea off some trusted friends for feedback, and then she read the speech to me in the 3 Irons office. We timed it to make sure that she would be in line with what was expected. It also gave us a chance to see how the flow of the speech would be, and we came up with an interesting ice breaker for the beginning to help setup the tone and idea for the speech. Lastly, Joy made cards (she prefers to read from cards during a speech).

July 27, 2017: Would you like to speak about yourself for 30 minutes in front of 150 strangers?

Joy got the call from Larry Bohne at the Eva Carlston Academy yesterday to join them as a speaker for a Leadership Conference. It's an all-day affair, with ten other women speaking to roughly 120 teenage girls along with another 20-30 adults. Joy initially declined thinking: What would I talk about? And she also struggled with the idea (like many successful people do) that what she is doing is great and all, but is it really worthy of speaking to a group about? Impostor Syndrome is alive and real! After hashing it out with Steven, she was coerced/convinced to take on this challenge and turn it into an Iron. We decided to call this one "The Slasher" because the topic that Joy is going to present on, is the reality of having created a life with multiple careers: attorney/actor/producer (not because she likes Horror flicks).