Iron 2: The Office

Project Start: April 3, 2017

Project Completion Date: April 10, 2017 (checkout "The Shoot" for great after-pictures)

Description: Work with an interior designer to make our office space reflect and cultivate the mission of 3 Irons

April 11, 2017 - The office is open for business

One week, 8 trips to the store, repainting, a little jimmy-rigging, and we have done it. From concept to completion, we have a fully functioning office; and more importantly, it is a space that we look forward to being in because it was WELL DESIGNED. It's the kind of space you don't want to go home from. So excited to get this "Iron" done. So grateful for all of the people that made it happen. Especially:

April 7, 2017 - Keeping a deadline is half the battle

It's Friday at 5:30pm. The project is not done, but we are almost there. Trying to make something beautiful, and do it on a strict timeline doesn't always seem like it will work out "for the best". But there are two axioms that we are using to guide us during this crazy year of 50 Irons:

  • 1. Are we having fun? If not. Stop, take a break, readjust.
  • 2. It's "perfect enough"
  • 3. And I'd like to add this: Improvisation rules the day.

I started this day with a great podcast by TED Talks on laughter, and now I end the day, embracing my inner comic and realizing that it's sink or swim...but I am in it for the laughs.

April 6, 2017 - The designer has spoken, now the work begins

We got our plans from Lauren Bald late on Tuesday 4/4 and it has been a sprint ever since. We thought we would have some fun with the project and put up newspaper to hide what was going on inside...then we posted some teasers out on social media. The idea of outfitting an office in one week, from design, to sourcing, to finish, has been a challenge. We've had to make some tough decisions based on whether or not we could get the material we needed within the time goal allotted. For Steven, there is a certain virtue in being held to the urgency of a deadline though, and we are pressing forward. We've been to West Elm, Costco, Madisson McCord (Marsha saved us with some awesome deals), Amazon and even IKEA to get our needs met...and we are so excited to reveal the end of this first "Short Iron"!

April 3, 2017 - Why Interior Design is Essential

Herman Miller chairs, motivational posters, maybe a big desk with a couple awards piled up behind a computer screen that you stare into until every last bit of your essence gets sucked away...let's talk about office design. Why use a designer at all? They are expensive, there are plenty of apps and magazines where you can get good ideas, and well, aren't there more important things to spend your resources on (you know, like actually running your business?)

We wanted to get into a space that reflected the spirit of what 3 Irons is about. The main reasons that this was important for us are: 1. We need inspiration...daily. 2. We want to have fun and be in a space that we enjoy and 3. See point number one. So first, we chose a spot: The Impact Hub, Downtown SLC. Their mission oozes with the spirit of collaboration, social activism and community. Easy choice. Second, we wanted to get a designer, and we immediately thought of Cody Derrick and the team at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE. Lauren Bald got assigned to the project, we gave her a very modest budget to work with, and asked for a miracle!

I really enjoyed this podcast by one of my favorite local interviewers Chris Hollifield. It speaks to the passion of what makes Salt Lake City such an amazing intersection of culture and opportunity, and what can be accomplished if you have vision and the stamina to execute!