Iron 19: The Chronicle

Project Start: July 10, 2017

Project Completion Goal: September 30, 2017

Description: Work with a cinematographer to capture The Mural story in an effective and interesting way

September 23, 2017: Showtime!

Working with a professional filmmaker like Brent Rowland on this project was really a great experience. He had several challenges in getting the shots he needed, including: an artist who was reluctant to be filmed up close or on the boom, a drone that crashed when getting some footage (the footage was also lost,) not to mention the busyness of life and his day job(s) teaching at the University of Utah, etc. Ultimately though, we are very happy with the result which you can watch here on FB or in the imbedded video above. To celebrate the video, we invited all of the sponsors of the project (including Downtown Alliance who sponsored the short film) to come down to the Impact Hub and join us for a toast and to view the film. Unbeknownst to the sponsors, we also had a temporary version of The Plaque that will be mounted onto the wall outside underneath Vexta's owl. We had a great turnout, plenty of bubbles to drink, and our sponsors and supporters had a great opportunity to celebrate the completion of this film, and The Mural project together. Vexta also sent a special video message to the group. It is important to commemorate big projects and work like this. They become memory-markers and an opportunity for people to connect and celebrate closure and good work together. This was a very special moment for 3 Irons, our friends, and supporters!

August 1, 2017: Don't be such a tease

We are lucky that we are doing a private art project. No committees, no sign offs, just the support of the building owner, and the important involvement of stakeholders is key. That gives us a chance to move quickly. But that doesn't absolve us of the opportunity to connect this important work to the community. We asked Brent if he could create a short teaser trailer that we could share... and damn, he came up with this:

July 15, 2017: The Documentary Begins

It has been immediately clear that getting Brent on board is going to add a ton of exposure and value to this project. Brent came in Saturday morning for our site visit with Vexta, and he brought a ton of (expensive) filmmaking equipment along. He captured several hours of our scoping out the site, interacting with building owner Andy Renfro, and also a great tour hosted by Lia Summers from Salt Lake City, and Dana Hernandez, the city's Public Arts Manager. He also has committed to trying to get the finished film into the VideoWest series hosted by Doug Fabrizio. His work will also give us some material to provide to the press as we do heavy promoting of this event and this piece of art going into our community! We feel lucky to have someone with Brent's talents on board!

July 10, 2017: If you build it, how will they know?

It is going to take an awful lot of work from many different players and support and generosity from all involved to pull off The Mural. Not to mention, there are technical aspects related to painting a 5 story tall wall that has building in front of its lower half (how do you get over those buildings to access the wall?) Not to mention the technical skill of the artist to create something of this magnitude. And all of this remarkable story deserves to be by sheer dumb luck, we walked out of our office at The Impact Hub and our good friend (and photographer for The Talent Show) Heidi Gress was meeting with filmmaker Brent Rowland. We asked if he would be interested, he emailed some information over, and we are off on another creative Iron!