Iron 18: The Salon

Project Start: July 6, 2017

Project Completion Goal: July 15, 2017

Description: It's a dinner party with an art-twist, where everyone is a participant

July 15, 2017: Dinner is served

On the night of our dinner, we tried to add a little 3 Irons flair. We got out some of grandma's old linens, silver and china (yep, Steven spent an hour shining silver). We broke out the nicer wine and Jenney made a lovely dinner from scratch. The guests arrived and after some bubbly, everyone was invited to sit and listen to a short presentation from both of the artists. It was a so interesting to learn more about these artists and their respective approaches to their discipline. We then retreated to dinner where conversation was lively and engaging! Art was shared, ideas were exchanged. We broke bread, and shared wine. And yes, we laughed... Childhood dreams can come true. Sometimes you just have to be the one making it happen!

July 10, 2017: A limit to the list

Perhaps the most difficult challenge with any event with limited capacity is deciding who is on the list and who isn't. An event that is meant to be an opportunity to connect and laugh, will inevitably leave someone out. We considered this deeply when drawing together a short guest list of 10 for this intimate gathering. Ultimately, we chose a group that we thought would be active and relevant to our goal for the meeting: to bring art lovers together to share in the presentation of our two guests of honor. In the end, it was a great mix of different personalities, ages, and viewpoints; all of which contribute to an interesting opportunity.

July 6, 2017: Add a twist to your dinner margarita

Dinner parties. I think for me (Steven) there was a fantasy that I would grow up and be an adult with other adults having adult conversations around the great tables of my friends and community. Big ideas would be exchanged, intimidate debate would take place on the issues of the day, and laughter... lots of laughter! The reality is, that dinner parties are a lot of hard work, and not in as much abundance or romantic ideal as might be expected. But for 3 Irons, that just means a challenge to be met. We thought it might be fun to have the artist Vexta, who was in town doing a site visit for The Mural, to give a short artist talk, along with Balqis, an artist who was coming to Salt Lake for a UMOCA residency. A iron is poked into the fire!