Iron 16: The Interruption

Project Start: May 26, 2017

Project Completed: August 24, 2017

Description: Work with artist Megan Hallett of Framework Arts to do an audio art project

August 24, 2017: Something that speaks for itself

It was hard to imagine when we started this collaboration how it might turn out as a piece of something that might elicit emotion, create meaning, amuse. Yet, this great piece of work by Framework Arts is worth your 10 minutes of time to listen, reflect, and feel. Check it out.

July 11, 2017: The making of the art

The big day finally arrived and we presented the project to a group of 10 kids. Each of them stepped aside with the card with their iphone in hand and answered the questions. We immediately had them airdrop the data files to Steven, and then uploaded them along with some pictures, to a shared folder for processing. We can't wait to see what final piece of audio art will come from the work!

June 23, 2017: Excuse me, here is "Interruption"

After some initial email exchanges, and realizing the coincidence that Megan and Joy both attend Bar Method in Sugarhouse, Megan came to the 3 Irons office and presented her idea: "Interruption". The premise for the project is that with minimal direction, participants answer a series of questions on a prompt card. The responses are anonymous, and then Framework Arts will take all of the voice data to stitch together a final piece. Joy and I had plans to spend some time with the kids in Cedar City, Utah while we were going to be there for the Shakespeare Festival, and we agreed to engage those kids in the project.

May 21, 2017: 12 Minutes Max

One of our favorite places in Salt Lake City to see what the local performing arts community is cooking up, is at the Salt Lake Library's "12 Minutes Max". This is a monthly opportunity for all sorts artists (dancers, theatrical types, musicians, etc.) to present experimental pieces or works-in-progress. It's free of charge, and you'd be surprised who could pop up. On this particular Sunday, Megan was there showing off some of her new work! Joy attended (as she does most months), and was intrigued by the work that Framework Arts is doing. This was sounding more and more like the kind of arts collaboration that we want to be a part of.

May 1, 2017: The Cold Email

On the one month anniversary of kicking off our "50 Irons" project, we received an out-of-the-blue email from Megan Hallett of Framework Arts stating that she had heard about our project and was wondering if we would like to collaborate on something together. We were excited about her interest, and agreed to connect to try and find out what she had in mind.