Iron 11: The Accent

Project Start: May 15, 2017

Project Completion: June 24, 2017

Description: Host a one week British language class

June 24, 2017 - Tea Time

3 hours of instruction and plenty of embarrassing moments and laughter later, and we finally made it to the tea party. We held the event at the London Market, which added a fun immersive experience to practice our accents and have some British snacks and treats! It was a heckuva hot day, so more British soda made it into our mouths than tea, but we had fun, we "kinda" learned an accent, and well, we are all definitely now certifiably smarter sounding and better looking! Joy and I have really been going after it...speaking with accents (until our friends beg us to stop). I even dreamt in British last night! But the best moment of all was later that evening at the Utah Symphony "La La Land" concert, still in full character, I was at the concessions counter and as I was walking away, I could hear the cashier say to his friend "I wish I could speak with a British accent" VICTORY!

June 20, 2017 - Well then, G'Day Mate!

Ok, so turns out that is part of the British Empire's slang, but not our beloved proper Queen's English! We know that, because today, we had our very first class in English Accent Training. It was a fun event, with a great mix of actors, aspiring Hugh Grant's, and even just a couple people looking to have a good time. One class down, two to go! Hi Ho Cheerio!

May 30, 2017 - Enrollment is Open!

We are super excited to post open enrollment for a class of 10 to do a British accent class together the week of June 19th. We are going to do three classes, on Tue, Thu and Saturday, with a tea party after class on Saturday. So put on your Oxfords and let's learn to talk like the Redcoats! If you'd like to join the class, you can find more information at our Facebook link (unless you are reading this in the future, then your only hope is a time machine.)

May 26, 2017 - How do you say "teacher" in English?

Turns out they have a really cool name for teachers out there "Professor!" We emailed around to some dialect coaches we know from the acting world, and received confirmation from Alyssa Franks, who has agreed to run a one week course for us. Woo hoo! Next step, get Her Majesty The Queen's permission to use the royal seal, and then post our class!

May 15, 2017 - Oh Poppycock!

Ok, it's time to find out if the rumors are true. If we learn how to speak with a British accent, will our perceived IQ and relative attractiveness increase? (Yes, we know there are many...let's just say "most likely to be cast in Oliver".) We know there are other young wannabe dukes and duchesses and Downton Abbey aficionados in Salt Lake who seek the refinery of a "true" English tongue. First step then, to find a proper tutor who can teach our class!