Iron 10: The Mayor

Project Start: 5/17/17

Project Completion Goal: 6/17/17

Description: Meet with the Mayor of Salt Lake to garner support and awareness for 3 Irons

June 17, 2017 - BLT's and Art

Meeting with Salt Lake City's Mayor was incredibly fun. So many of our interactions with our public officials are laced with problems & pomp. To have a chance to sit down with our elected leader, in a casual environment was a breath of fresh air. We invited Andy Renfro, the commercial real estate developer who owns the Impact Hub building to join us. Our goals for the meeting: to introduce the Mayor to 3 Irons, to introduce Andy and the Mayor, to talk about The Mural, and also to bring the Mayor's attention to The Mosque. In addition, we were hoping to learn more about her arts vision -- and from the art being selected for the new airport to local artist Pilar Pobil, to the Eccles Theater and the reputation of Salt Lake in the world -- we shared a lot of common interest. Overall, it was a great success and we are looking forward to more productive work with our Mayor and the city in the future!

May 24, 2017 - Let's go to City Hall!

Every artistic pursuit since the dawn of time has required the support of patrons, politicians, and philanthropists in some way. In addition, you could be a modern day Mozart, but if you don't hustle and sell tickets to the show, no audience will magically appear. If you build it...they will come...if you go sell them a ticket. So, we thought it would make for an interesting "Iron" to have a sit down with our local Mayor, Jackie Biskupski and talk to her about what 3 Irons is trying to accomplish in Salt Lake City, and learn more about her priorities for the arts investments being made. We got a lucky chance when the Mayor donated a lunch meeting to Discovery Gateway for their fundraiser...and we are the lucky winners! So, we reached out to her office, and are booked to meet on June 15th!