Iron 1: The Book

Project Start: April 1, 2017

Project Completion Goal: March 31, 2018

Description: Engage a team of editors, graphic designers and publishers to create a hardbound book that catalogs the images, documents and other records of each of the 50 projects completed during the "50 Irons" year

May 25, 2017 - Graphic Design "easy on the eyes"

In order for anyone to open our book and not want to immediately close it in disgust, it is going to need to be attractive. It's definitely what is in the inside that counts! This is easier said than done though. Hiring a professional to do this work will be mucho dineiro. Doing it ourselves - probably crap. So we are officially looking somewhere in between. Anyone know a good graphic design intern looking for a year long project and willing to work for a reasonable wage? Have them contact 3 Irons...

April 15, 2017 - Is a publisher important?

We are writing a book. That much is clear. It's going to be hardback, it will have a coffee-table book feel to it, and we have made an investment in partnership with an accomplished copywriter in order to make sure that we create something that isn't mediocre. The next step is really to find a graphic designer that can really give this thing a good look & feel, but what about a publisher? They certainly aren't going to give us any financial support, but if a publisher could give this project validation and exposure, it could be totally worth it. This week, going to explore that option further...Ken Sanders is the first name that comes to mind as a likely suspect...

April 2, 2017 - What was the influence for making a "50 Irons" Book?

In March of 2017 Steven Labrum had the opportunity to do a studio visit in Manhattan on a trip arranged by UMOCA with artist Ryan McGuinness. During that visit, guests were given a copy of Ryan's recent book "50 Parties". The concept resonated with Steven deeply: What would the experience of a time-constrained approach to creativity produce? 3 Irons had been started as an attempt to apply some discipline to artistic pursuits; and if Steven is being honest with himself, he is a master procrastinator and needs deadlines in order to produce his best work. So, the idea of the year of 50 Irons, although an insane and resource-consuming idea any way you look at it, seemed like the most perfectly rational thing to do.

March 24-March 31, 2017 - Choosing a professional to help

Let's write a book! Oh wait, we've never written a book before! (It can't be that hard, can it?) Turns out it isn't hard to write and publish a book...but it is incredibly challenging to write and publish a good piece of literature. We want this and every one of the "Irons" to be as great as they can possibly be. So, we are turning to experts for support. The first step was identifying a copywriter. After asking around a bit and showing off the 50 Parties book as an example of what we were trying to accomplish, we settled in on a partnership with Christie Marcy, a local veteran who could help us to make sure that we not only had a process over time for capturing relevant information, but also that we could put something together that would be a compelling in both content and visuals. This is the biggest "Iron" of them all, and we feel very lucky to have Christie on board.