BitKeep Wallet Extension for Chrome and Firefox (Formerly BitKeep) 

BitKeep, popularly known as a digital wallet, indicates accommodating these problems by providing a multi-chain allocated solution for digital asset use and storage. Moreover, it is a digital wallet that needs or supports mnemonic phrase access to more than 220,000 tokens on over 70 chains. It also supports over 10,000 DApps and 220,000 tokens. 

Moreover, BitKeep is a coordinator of primary mainnets and provides a massive range of multiple services, such as NFT management, large-scale campaign support, DEX support, DApp support, and all forum traffic support. For the rest of the detail, you require to pay attention to the below-highlighted instructions. 

Different Features Offered on BitKeep Wallet

BitKeep DEX

 BitKeep Wallet includes a DEX for DeFi traders that offers multiple tokens. Uniswap is more famous than Uniswap; however, you can swap different tokens utilizing InstantGas and even swap various tokens without charging fees. 

Digital Wallet

The wallet’s most notable feature is its digital wallet. Furthermore, digital wallet offers around 6 million users in approximately 168 countries. The wallet supports over 200,000 assets and can be utilized on Android and iOS devices. It is also a reliable DeFi wallet, set up conveniently for both experts/experienced and beginners. 

BitKeep Wallet NFT Marketplace

BitKeeper’s NFT marketplace allows you to sell, purchase, and trade various digital assets conveniently. This marketplace consists of a different search attribute that enables you to assemble NFTs from various blockchains and NFT marketplaces in the DeFi sector. Furthermore, it makes it straightforward to place the NFT you are searching for yourself to trade. The wallet also supports different coins, so you can trade and purchase NFTs, including any token or cryptocurrency. 

Various Cryptocurrencies and Chains Supported on BitKeep Wallet

BitKeep offers multiple assets over 70 chains, which consists of the most well-known 30 chains. It is considered a market leader in this area, including some competitors in terms of the quantity of offered chains. Furthermore, the app provides more than 10,000 dApps. 

Additionally, the wallet provides various digital chains and assets, and specifiers with more than 6 million users worldwide. Moreover, it is constantly expanding its functionality and attributes to fulfill the developing requirements of its user base. 

Below highlighted are some of the offered blockchains on BitKeep. Please have a look at the below list:

In addition, BitKeep Wallet presently does not provide Cardano, which is mainly equipped with a vast range of offered coins. Bitcoin functionality is also fixed, as there are no built-in sell/purchases or swaps. 

How to Setup and Activate Your BitKeep Wallet

In this section, you will find well-described directions to set up a new wallet and activate your wallet. Please walk through all the tips very carefully. 

Generate a Wallet

Steps to Activate Your Cloud Wallet

Guide to Buy & Cryptos on Binance and Withdraw to Your BitKeep Wallet

Guide to Buy/Purchase Crypto 

Mini Instructions to Withdraw Crypto on BitKeep Wallet

Final Words

BitKeep Wallet is a decentralized crypto wallet with mainnets to offer different services such as DEX, DApp support, NFT management, and large-scale campaigns. The wallet also partners with various top 30 mainnets, 20,000 DApps, and tokens. Apart from being unique and functional to its users, BitKeep is also one of the safest platforms for all users who want to trade, buy, sell, and withdraw their digital assets safely.