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Unsure where to start or if your current HR practices are compliant? We can set up your human resources foundation so you can rest assure your HR structure is sound. Learn More

You shouldn't have to worry about HR. Have peace of mind knowing your employment practices are compliant and handled by an experienced HR professional. We provide as little or as much HR support as your business needs. Learn More

Do you have a consistent process to attract and retain talent? 360 HR Consultants can help you with recruitment, selection and retention of top talent. Learn More

360 HR Consultants can help with filling a vacancy due to temporary leave, transition, or resignation. We take on the role of one of your HR employees so that your company continues as normal and even help you find the right HR professional for your long term needs. Learn More

Don't have enough hours in the day to get that HR project off the ground? 360 HR Consultants can do it for you. Learn More

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