Gregory D Ball - Composer

Greg is a technically fluent orchestral and electronic composer who writes and works from a score.  He has so far spent more effort pursuing the needs of music supervisors rather than followers - and that's totally not an admission that his youngest daughter has a point about his social media coolness. :)

 He loves writing to a story.  He misses the music tradition that had his great grandparents dancing in the front room with instruments like banjo, mandolin, guitars or fiddle coming out at most family gatherings.  It's about creating a vessel where energy and emotion fills the music, and the music is a carrier to others. 

After more than 25 years in Texas and a beautiful native Texan wife, he feels like he's finally earned the right to wear a cowboy hat (sometimes).  


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"Hills I've never known call to meThere's a high wind playing in the trees like a master fiddler bowingRolls and trebles shake the leavesBrush the sun like amber rosin"