6th grade overview

Map highlighting the civilizations of the ancient Eastern Hemisphere

6th grade Social Studies

Ancient Civilizations

The 6th grade social studies curriculum is broken into 5 units of study. The units are:

  • Unit 1: Geography of the Eastern Hemisphere
  • Unit 2: First Humans. Neolithic Revolution and the Early River Valley Civilizations
  • Unit 3: Comparative World Religion
  • Unit 4: Comparative Classical Civilizations of the Eastern Hemisphere
  • Unit 5: The Mediterranean World and Interactions Across the Eastern Hemisphere

Unit Essential Questions:

  • Unit 1: Does geography determine development?
  • Unit 2: To what degree does geography determine culture?
  • Unit 3: What role do belief systems play in a society?
  • Unit 4: Why do civilizations rise and fall?
  • Unit 5: How can power, wealth, and religion influence change and development?