Music escape map editor Guide

Since a number of you have been asking, we've decided to make publicly available our Music Escape Map Editor here.

Note: The music folder's default location is: ~Music Escape\Music Escape_Data\StreamingAssets\CustomSongs

Pre-Editor Instructions

  1. Start Map Editor
  2. Click Settings
  3. Fill in:
    1. Song Name
    2. Artist Name
    3. Map Designer (You)
    4. BPM (if you’re not sure, you can look it up or go here)
    5. Cover Image (make sure you place the picture in the ~Data\CustomSong folder along with the song in ogg format)
    6. Preview Start - Where you want the song preview to start during Song Selection (in seconds)
  4. Click Create
  5. Continue to fill in
    1. Difficulty
    2. Open and find the .ogg file
    3. Start Offset can be adjusted if necessary in case the song is off beat for some reason, set to “0” to start off if you’re not sure (1 = 1/100 of a second, ignore "ms")
    4. Click “Save All”
    5. Click on X to exit the menu and Press Spacebar, at this point if the song plays, you’ve done everything correctly, if not, make sure you’ve followed the above steps completely

In-Editor Guide

This is where you get to be creative. Not much needs to be explained here, it’s pretty much trial and error until you get the hang of it.

Spacebar - press this to start and stop the song

Up/Down Arrow Keys - skips you from one beat to the next

W/S Keys - moves the camera up and down, right now there's a small bug that the camera doesn't auto-update after you input anything other than 0 in offset

Reset Time - takes you to the beginning of the song

Beat Index - # of beats in this song and your current position

Shape Count - # of shapes you’ve created

Current - Your current position in the song

Total - The total length of the song

Music Bombs

We have three different bombs right now, the standard arrow one that points in 4 cardinal directions, the diagonal one that is like the first but rotated 22.5 degrees, and the dot one that the player is allowed to hit from any direction

All the bombs can be strung together into three in a row so the player has to take a much larger swiping action to deactivate them, when you string 3 in a row together, be sure to make sure the numbers go from 1-3 in sequence, otherwise the hit detection will not work correctly

Click the Delete Button and then click the corresponding bombs

Laser Obstacles

The laser obstacles are to be used during long breaks in the song to keep the player engaged

We have horizontal and vertical lasers, be thoughtful with the laser placements. Don’t slice people’s feet off!

After you are done, create a Folder and name it in the convention of “ArtistTitle” and put all the files from the ~Data\CustomSong folder into your newly created folder. To play this new Map you just created, place it in this folder with all the other songs in the game: ~Music Escape\Music Escape_Data\StreamingAssets\CustomSongs

This is a very basic Editor but it’s the same one we use to make tracks for the game. There are definitely some typos and everything could be more streamlined. We hope (but we are not obligating ourselves) to periodically release new updates to this as we add functionality to the game. Suggestions are welcomed.

We love new music! If you are a producer and you want your music in the game, get in touch with us on Discord or