Capital Gains Tax, and Blockchain, taxes and your car

Practical Webinar Series by Wayne Twigg CA (SA)

2 x 1.5 hours

Monday 16 April and Wednesday 18 April @ 15:00

R500 per person

Capital Gains Tax

Monday 16 April 15:00 - 16:30

Capital gains tax is an area we all have to deal with. Practitioners often don't deal with it often enough to be confident in handling the calculations. This 1.5 hour webinar which will walk you through calculating Capital Gains Tax looking at the different calculation methods to employ. The webinar will incorporate the principles and then apply those principles using case studies and examples. This webinar will be useful as a refresher to those you already have a grounding in CGT calculation and provide the foundation for those who are new to calculating CGT.

The webinar will also look at some practical ways in which you can advise your clients with respect to planning future transactions.

Who should attend

  • Accountants & bookkeepers accounting for the sale of capital items & capturing repairs & maintenance expenses
  • Tax practitioners
  • Finance managers

Blockchain, taxes and your car

Wednesday 18 April 15:00 - 16:30

Blockchain....Bitcoin....Distributed ledger. Heard these words but don't really understand what they are? This visionary webinar explains (in simple terms) the concept of Blockchain and then explores how the convergence of technologies such as wireless mobile charging ,super capacitors and blockchain may impact you as an accountant and tax practitioner in the future.

Who should attend

Anyone wishing to understand the basics of Blockchain and its potential to influence your future

Tax practitioners, Accountants and bookkeepers interested in the general ledger of the future and how revenue services are likely to take advantage of this

Only R500 per person for both these sessions (total 3 hours)

Includes detailed notes, a copy of the recording and a certificate for verifiable hours

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