Dear all,

A big “thank you” to our Marketing team for significant efforts and resources for our corporate rebranding exercise. Not only do companies spent countless hours debating and developing our new brand strategy and corporate repositioning platform, but also they spent significant resources on each and every brand element: new logo, tagline, marketing materials, sales presentations, website redesign, digital templates and more. Today we are putting all together in the ONEWORLD Brand Identity Toolkit Website. This toolkit website will allow ONEWORLD to have a common look and feel when communicating with our external constituents and internal associates and staffs.

The Brand Identity Toolkit includes many useful items to help project a consistent style and message—a change we all agree is needed for ONEWORLD to become recognized locally, regionally, and internationally as a business leader in real estate industry.

Moving forward, effective January 11th, 2019, our ONEWORLD policy will be to use the Brand Identity Toolkit in place of all other guides and forms currently in use. To assist you with implementing the toolkit, we have the tutorial videos to guide you both for the branches and negotiators or you may contact CK and Fong Yan at .

Thank you for your work on behalf of the ONEWORLD management and for your use of this important tool.

Yours faithfully,