Merchant Solutions

Credit Card Processing​

Retail Merchant Accounts

A retail account is for any store, restaurant or business where the card is present and can be swiped at least 80% of the time. A signature is then obtained and kept on file.

Internet & e-Commerce Merchant Accounts

An e-Commerce account also known as Internet and online store, is similar to a MOTO business in the sense that neither the card nor customer is present. Orders are placed directly on the web site via the use of a 'shopping cart' and are processed in real-time or manually keyed into a credit card terminal or online processing software.

Mail Order & Telephone Order (Moto) Merchant Accounts

Moto stands for Mail Order Telephone Order. This account is for any type of business that accepts orders either over the telephone, or via mail. Neither the card nor customer is present, nor is the payment information keyed in manually.

Wireless Merchant Accounts

Accept credit cards virtually anywhere with a wireless account. Now there is no need to phone or key in payment information. Swipe the customer's card; get authorization and confirmation right on the spot. Pay the lower retail rate, and practically eliminate charge-backs. ​

​QuickBooks Payment Processing Gateway​

Introducing the newest addition to 1st Federal Financials product line-up. The 1st Federal Financial Plug-In is designed to work with QuickBooks®- a product that you already know and use every day! This Plug-In doesn't change the current functionality of your QuickBooks product - it enhances it! Process a credit card payment directly from an invoice and the payment is automatically applied to the invoice.

Eliminate time-consuming data entry. If you have a Point of Sale terminal (Landline, Wireless, IP or Wi-Fi) you can import the transactions from this terminal directly into your QuickBooks file. Our Plug-In also automatically creates payments from each transaction processed.

Process recurring payments quickly & easily. If you have multiple invoices to process you can filter by account, customer or date range. Once you set the filter, invoices are processed with a click of your mouse - in seconds! A status screen displays the results of each transaction.

The 1st Federal Plug-In Offers these Features:

  • Process Payments Directly from Invoices
  • Automatically Creates Payment
  • Process Recurring Payments
  • Import Transactions processed via POS Terminals
  • Process Returns and Voids

Contact: 1st Federal Financial to learn more about all of the great features this Plug-In offers

Internet & e-Commerce Merchant Account Gateway Service​

Included Services:

Real-Time Processing

The real-time processing feature allows you to link up your eCommerce shopping cart with the gateway service and have it automatically process the credit card payments for you.

Virtual Terminal (Online Interface)

You can also process the credit card transactions manually 24 hours a day by logging in online and submitting a secure form through the merchant interface. If you can surf the Internet while talking on the phone, you can process their card and receive an approval code before hanging up.

Automated Recurring Billing

Do you need to charge your customers on a monthly basis? Try the automated recurring billing feature. You set the time intervals for each subscription. You can even upload multiple subscriptions using a batch file like Microsoft Excel.

Gift and Loyalty Card Programs

​Electronic Gift and Loyalty Cards is rapidly becoming a primary success ingredient for Merchants of all sizes. The retail and restaurant industries are ripe with a new crop of sales opportunities for those who are willing to embrace the change in the marketplace. In that effort, you can count on 1st Federal Financial to provide you with the best products, pricing, and sales support possible as you work to become a business who succeeds in this changing marketplace.

Why Choose Gift and Loyalty Cards

  • Gift Cards are often the most profitable square foot of selling space in the store
  • Merchants report sales increases of 25% to 500% over paper gift certificates
  • Customers spend more with gift cards: 61% spend more than the value on the card
  • Cards improve brand awareness and function as small "billboards" in customers' wallets
  • Cards consistently boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to attract new customers
  • A variety of loyalty and reward programs give customers a reason to keep coming back
  • Cards may be used to issue store credit for all merchandise returns which keeps cash in store
  • Detailed reporting reduces fraud and eliminates burdensome manual accounting tasks

ACH Payment Processing

ACH Processing is an electronic payment system that allows your business to save both time and money. The ACH processing network will allow you to electronically debit and credit checking and savings accounts. We provide you simple to use, powerful, secure ACH tools that make getting paid easier for your business.

Would your business run more smoothly if you:

  • Were paid more quickly and reliably using secure ACH electronic payments?
  • Could easily place customers on an ACH based automated payment plan?
  • Were able to process ACH check and credit card payments from one platform?
  • Could accept an ACH e-check or check by phone or fax?
  • Were able to collect cod funds in advance on product sales?
  • Were able to automatically update your accounting package?
  • Were able to collect NSF checks in an automated fashion?
  • Were able to make out bound payments to vendors?
  • Could reduce payment processing costs by 80% or more?
  • Were confident your transactions were securely processed by a business partner with years of experience and many satisfied customers?

If you answered yes to these questions then ACH Processing is for you.

Benefits of ACH payments:

  • Save Money. You can save up to 80% off conventional invoicing.
  • Save Time. Automate your payment processing and reporting
  • Offer multiple payment options. Customers look for options - give them what they want.
  • Move money electronically as you see fit. Whether it is ACH payment processing or direct electronic payments - you decide.

What is ACH?

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network: The ACH Network is a highly reliable and efficient nationwide batch-oriented electronic funds transfer system governed by the NACHA OPERATING RULES which provide for the interbank clearing of electronic payments for participating depository financial institutions. The Federal Reserve and Electronic Payments Network act as ACH Operators, central clearing facilities through which financial institutions transmit or receive ACH entries.

ACH payments include:

  • Direct Deposit of payroll, Social Security and other government benefits, and tax refunds;
  • Direct Payment of consumer bills such as mortgages, loans, utility bills and insurance premiums;
  • Business-to-business payments
  • E-checks
  • E-commerce payments
  • Federal, state and local tax payments

Check Services

Check Authorization

Check authorization is a simple process at the point of sale. Your sales associate enters the customer's driver's license information into the point-of-sale credit card terminal and/or slides the check through a check reader to capture the bank account data. In less than one second, Secure Payment Systems authorizes the check from its database of millions of records, accessing both local and national negative files of unpaid checks. With the guarantee service the authorized checks that bounce are reimbursed to you in full after we receive them. The verification service does not offer the risk-free assurance and reimbursement of guarantee yet still accesses the databases to give you another alternative.​

  • Offers both verification or guarantee
  • Claims reimbursement in 14 day!
  • Supports all major point-of-sale terminals
  • Supports all electronic check reader
  • Stop payment fraud coverage

Our secure payment systems profiles the transaction using proprietary shopping pattern algorithms and continuously updates this database with check writing histories drawn from subscribing customers. The database also incorporates a positive file of good check writers, so you won't lose a sale or delay a customer because of high check writing activity.

It's that easy!

Electronic Check Conversion

Tomorrow’s Technology is Here Today!

Imagine your customer handing you a check :

  • you enter the requested data into a point of sale terminal
  • you slide the check through the check scanner

Instantly, an image of the check is created and stored in the check scanner ! Instantly, an electronic transaction request is transmitted for approval ! Instantly, a receipt is printed which the customer signs allowing for ACH funds transfer !

  • you image the receipt by sliding it through the check scanner
  • you hand the check back to your customer
  • funds are credited to your account with 24 – 48 business hours
  • "electronic" checks which bounce hit our bank account not yours !

Save on individual deposit item charges, bad check fees, banking time & effort, deposit ticket costs, & cash flow delays.

Working Capital

Easy Access to Cash

  • Over 80% approval rate
  • Finance up to 3 times your monthly
  • Visa/MC Receipts
  • Minimal qualifications

Smart for Your Business

  • No personal guarantee*
  • No collateral
  • No application fees or points
  • BBB member
  • Over 85% of our merchants renew
  • Improved cash flow – your repayment is based on a fixed percentage of your Visa/MC sales – regardless of slow months
  • Use the cash for any business purpose
  • – Purchase inventory – Pay debt/taxes
  • – Purchase/repair equipment – Business expansion


  • Cash within 10 days
  • Pre-approval within 24 hours
  • Apply in 5 minutes

Call today to find out how much you qualify for. 800.795.6894

*Individuals only liable in cases of fraud, misrepresentation, and as further detailed in contract.

This is for that time when your customer faces a financial predicament (for example a pet becomes hurt or ill or a costly dental procedure is not covered by insurance), or a home emergency / improvement occurs such that stretching the payments out over a 3, 6, or 12 month period becomes the key to solving your customer's concerns! Or, how about the customer in the furniture store having trouble making up their mind regarding the purchase of that crucial extra item because they think they can't afford it?

Now, with our 3, 6, or 12 month payment plan your customer does not have to worry about an unexpected financial emergency or the additional amount to purchase something extra! And, it is all guaranteed!

3, 6, or 12 month "SAME AS CASH" means exactly what it says! We call the program "PAYDAY" because your customer stretches out their payments over 3, 6, or 12 months in 30 day intervals! How much simpler can it get!

How would you like to sell an extra tire? Perform a much needed repair? Or sell an extra piece of matching furniture?

Forget about layaway as we offer a program that will alleviate your customer's worry about the added cost because THE ENTIRE PURCHASE is split into SMALL amounts!

3, 6, or 12 month "Payday Express Plus" with "ADVANCE FUNDING" has become the single most exciting and fastest growing service that we have had the pleasure to roll out! Never before has a CHECK-based financing program offered you the opportunity to be paid UPFRONT!

Plus, as always we provide Full Guarantee!

And we use the POS terminal and Check Imager to process these electronically.

We are thoroughly convinced that Retail Payday Express Plus will generate more sales for you!

With this option you are funded 100% of the monies IN ADVANCE, and not waiting until after we electronically deposit the images! Your customers will have their accounts debited over the 3, 6, or 12 month period while you get ALL OF THE MONEY within 3 days after the batch is closed!

  • Only a single check is written, SPS will initiate electronic ACH debits for the remainder of the items based on the term selected
  • Offers the capability to select during each transaction from any of the three financing term options, or in the alternative to hide such multiple options from the terminal display for those who only opt to have one financing option available
  • Simple user terminal display / user interface:
  1. Input the customer information (license #, date of birth, SSN, etc. as is done today)
  2. Select the financing period (3, 6, or 12 months)
  3. Enter the entire transaction amount
  4. Enter the check # (initial down payment)
  5. Enter the check amount (initial down payment)
  6. Confirm the # of remaining payments and amount of each payment that is automatically calculated and displayed by the terminal on behalf of the store associate
  7. Scan the check thru the imager
  8. Scan the consumer security agreement form.
  • Provides for a modified, printed terminal receipt to show the (a) entire deal amount and (b) the amount of the 1st check, the check #, and $ amount, and (c) the # of remaining recurring electronic debits and (d) the amount of each electronic debit as well as a Grand Total (sample 3, 6, and 12 month receipts are attached)
  • You can opt to have all three options displayed for the cashier such that the consumer can decide what is best for their budget based on the monthly payment schedule.
  • The Consumer Security Agreement reflects the down payment (check # 1), the number of recurring debits based on the term selected, and the amount of each subsequent debit. A two-part, MICR encoded form provided by SPS is used for running transactions.
  • The initial payment ( check # 1 ) is only 25% of the total with the balance of 75% being split and debited evenly over 3, 6, or 12 months depending on the term selected ( i.e. 25% down plus 3, 6, or 12 debits for the balance due in approximate 30 day increments from the transaction date ).