The Self-Harm Project

Three ministries coming together

as ONE

under the power of the One and Only True and Living God

covered by the death-defeating blood of the Sacrificial Lamb, Jesus Christ

with leading by Our Comforter and Guide, The Holy Spirit

to create powerful productions that are meant to change lives forever...

The Project

Join us in the journey of discovering truth within the topics of cutting, suicide and the drug culture.

This is a artistic venture consisting of three parts - a short film, a feature film & theatrical production. They are all centered on the topic of self-harm. Each section of the project is meant to inform and provide a platform for discussion and help for those that need it.

We are also in the process of putting a resource network together whose goal is to connect people that self-harm with someone they can talk to for help. We also are looking for advocates that want to help to put together programs to inform schools, youth groups and other organizations about the truth of self-harm. For more information, please visit our Resource Network page.

The Journey

It began in 2010, when Karen DeLoach of Command Performance Productions asked playwright Zachary Francis of 1heart Arts Ministries if he had ever consider writing a screenplay. Karen had a vision of a short film and needed someone that could assist with the writing of the dialog for her story. God confirmed this partnership and soon the topic self-harm was added into the plot. Before putting pen to paper, Zach and Susannah Francis traveled all over the country for over three years seeking the story that God wanted to be heard on this topic. They held meetings and conference calls with specialists, parents of children who self-harm, people who lost family to suicide, those that are overcoming addictions, statistic analysts, organizational leaders that provide treatment and support, and many that are or have self-harmed in the past. Besides being incredibly enlightening on understanding the topic of self-harm, it was a powerful display of God's blessings!

During the research process, the idea surfaced to network these resources to make them more accessible to those that need them. Tracy Lewis, founder of Mercy & Grace Ministries and author of the book "God is Always There", was one of people that was interviewed extensively and soon became good friends with both the Francis' and Karen DeLoach, as well as a partner of the project. As an advocate and speaker on the topic of self-harm, Tracy, has been that missing piece that now gives a face to the resource network that is being formed.

Each piece of the project offers a unique perspective on the topic of self-harm and stands alone. However, they also interlock as the story unfolds with the story centering around the characters of Mark Riley and Sarah Claymore. The short film begins with the two teenagers meeting at Sarah's father's food pantry. The feature film (not yet written) will detail their 20's/30's and speak to the redemptive power of God's love for us all. In the theatrical production (scheduled to run in Feb. 2017), we will see this couple married and with a daughter that also struggles in her own way to understand how she is loved by God. Each production unfolds a new layer of the truth on how God can rescue us and allow us to walk in freedom, knowing our true identity in Christ.

From Lft. to Rt. - Tracy Lewis, Dana Owens, Zachary Francis & Susannah Francis touring Mercy Ministries home in Monroe, LA (the first location that started the now worldwide ministry)

The Blog

Along the way of our journey, we began a blog to document the research and interviews. These entries are meant to both inform and encourage, just as we intend with the "Agape" production. They attempt to capture the pain, despair and fear of those affected by self-harm, while providing an answer of hope and freedom.