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There is an ongoing need for this project as God continues our journey. If you are led to do so, please send any contribution that is on your heart using the PayPal button below.

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We invite area businesses and organizations to partner with us in getting out this message of healing our community. There are number of package options to meet your needs. If you have any questions, please contact Thank you for your support!

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About the Project

“Agape” is the third part in a three-part project that began in 2010. After three years of interviews with specialists, family members, and many others that were affected by self-harm, Zachary Francis wrote a short film titled “Chords” for a friend in Charleston, SC, which was produced and distributed in February 2014. The journey continued in 2015 as Zachary Francis felt led to jump ahead to the third part of the project, the theatrical production entitled "Agape". The goal of the production is to provide light to the subjects of cutting and other forms of self-harm that plague millions of people all over the country. We are currently in rehearsals with our cast and will be holding performances at Movie Theater Church (inside Washington Square Mall) during the last two weeks of February of this year.

See more about this entire journey on the Self-Harm Project Page.