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K. Elaine Ashcraft - Assistant Stage Manager

Elaine has always had a passion for the dramatic, but this part of her life really took off after high school when she took drama lessons at the Indiana Repertory Theater prior to its 2nd Season. She and a friend were asked during the Summer of ’73 to take part in a fall production of Our Town, playing a townsperson and a choir member, and from there she was hooked. Next, she became involved with Civic Theater and worked behind scenes on Desperate Hours, Life with Father, Glass Menagerie, Bell, Book & Candle and George M – she also appeared in The Time of Your Life as Lorene, a man-hungry woman, and in How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying as a Secretary.

Elaine then took time off to raise a family and has now decided to re-ignite her former passion – by becoming involved in theater that has a purpose of reaching the lost and hurting.

Elaine would like to THANK GOD for her husband Steve, who is no longer with us and has given her five sons and 4 grandchildren, which are her second loves, as she places GOD as her first and foremost LOVE for without Him she can accomplish nothing. She also wants to thank her family and friends who have supported her through the thick and thin of life.

Beth Bordenkecher - Joan

Beth Bordenkecher is a local actor, playwright, and comedian. Native to Indianapolis, she currently resides in Rocky Ripple where she enjoys gardening and painting in her free time. She has been involved with theater productions as cast member and crew, while she also adores acting in films and performing live improvisation. She is excited to take on the role of "Joan" in the upcoming production of Agape.

Beth wishes to thank Susannah Francis and Zach Francis for their leadership and guidance as well as the entire cast and crew, with whom she is certain to learn from and grow. She is grateful for the grace of the Holy Spirit for uniting us together, and giving us this opportunity to reach others and provide a network of support for our community.

She would like to dedicate her performance to her parents David and Susan Bordenkecher for all their unconditional love and support, her sister Kate, who she will always be proud of and look up to, and to Paul who she wishes to thank for sharing this journey with her.

Shontay L. Dickerson - Dance Director

Passionate about unleashing the beauty and power that illuminates from worshiping the Lord in dance, Shontay has danced and choreographed for local churches and various ministries such as 1heart Arts (A Christmas Testimony) and Faith, Hope and Love. Her other passion is fulfilling her purpose to serve God and others by teaching at workshops and conferences. She is a member of Sacred Dance Institute and choreographer for Upon This Rock productions. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Shontay and her daughter, Miriam, attends Bread of Life Church, in Avon Indiana.

Susannah Francis - Director

Susannah directed her first production in 2006, her husband Zach’s script of A Christmas Testimony. To date, she has served as Director in eight productions and numerous short sketches, many being original pieces written by her husband. In 2009, she and Zach began 1heart Praise Band, a local group of musicians that minister to local churches and organizations. That same year, they discovered the Karitos Worship & Arts Conference in Chicago. It was revolutionary to their call as artists and ministry leaders. In December of 2010, she and her husband founded 1heart Arts Ministries, fusing drama, music and Bible study under one umbrella. In 2011, they began Karitos INDY, a local version of the Chicago conference.

Beyond the arts, Susannah has a deep passion for administrative work and the opportunity to work within the Body using these gifts. She has served in many areas of the business world and completed a number college courses as a Business Administration major. In 2009, Susannah began working under the name “Kingdom Design Administrative Ministry” at her home office. She also serves as Secretary on the Board of the Karitos Christian Arts Association and on the Executive Committee of the conference.

Susannah lives in Indianapolis with her husband and their three-year-old daughter and regularly participates in ministry at their home church, Movie Theater Church.

Zachary Francis - Assistant Director

Assistant Director and writer Zach Francis has spent the majority of his life writing plays. His previous works include A Christmas Testimony, Grace Beyond Humanity, Mallet vs. Patchet, and A Beloved Nightmare. He has written about how lawsuits destroy friendships, the common emotions of victims and offenders, how our upbringing influences what we perceive as beautiful, and how many of us in church can be represented in the parable of the sower. “I always wanted to write things that invite discussion. And hopefully, play a small part in helping to change lives.” His current project, Agape, was is about the topic of self harm and was done as a result of 3 years of intense research on the subject. In his free time, Zach is also a freelance video editor, on the Board of Directors of the Karitos Christian Arts Association, and is co-founder of a ministry called 1heart Arts Ministries. His day job is working as a Research Scientist at Covance in Greenfield, IN. He and his wife Susannah have a three-year-old daughter named Joellyn of whom, when not doing ministry, always keeps them on their toes.

Janet Hodson - Sarah

Janet Hodson is grateful to be cast as "Sarah" and would like to thank Zach and Susannah for the opportunity to explore such a sensitive subject and complex character.

Janet lives in Greenfield with her husband, Bill. They have 4 grown children and 1 granddaughter. They are expecting a second grandchild in April.

After studying acting and theatre at Bradley University, Janet took 28 years off to concentrate on raising her family. She returned to theatre 13 years ago and has been active in area community theatres. Favorite roles have been "Melissa" in a memorized, staged version of Love Letters at Stageworthy Productions, "Mae Peterson" in Bye Bye Birdie for CrazyLake Players and "Mrs. VanDaan" in The Diary of Anne Frank at the Ricks-Weil Theatre in Greenfield. Janet has been nominated 6 times for an Encore award in acting and shares an award for "Best Ensemble" with the cast of The Cemetery Club from the Epilogue Theatre.

Janet would like to thank her husband, Bill, for his support and also the cast and crew of Agape for this memorable experience.

"We're actors----we're the opposite of people." ---Tom Stoppard, "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead"

Janet Jones - Stage Manager

Janet has been involved in several plays as an actor and stage manager. Two of the plays were A Christmas Testimony and Grace Beyond Humanity, both presented by 1heart Arts Ministries. Janet has been a member of Buck Creek Christian Church for 25 years and is very involved in her church. She is also a long-time member of 1heart Arts Ministries. In her spare time, she takes clogging lessons and has clogged for 27 years. During elementary school and high school she took tap and jazz dancing lessons for 12 years, and now she also square dances. Janet has worked for the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at IUPUI for 25 years. She would like to thank Stanley (her husband of 25 years) for all of his love and support.

Stanley Jones - Lighting Director

Stan has been “running the lights” since 2006 with 1heart Arts Ministries and his home church, Buck Creek Christian Church. These show include Goody Grissom, Grace Beyond Humanity, A Christmas Testimony and The Fourth Wise Man, among others. He has also manned the lights for the Odeon Society Drama Club at Ivy Tech Indianapolis Region, productions titled Billboard (fall 2016), George Orwell’s 1984, and the Spring Student Short Play review, where they write a play rehearse it and perform it within 48 hours. They can do up to 12 short plays in a single night!

Stan also is a member of 1heart Arts Ministries leadership and serves on the Advisory Committee for the organization. When not behind the lights, you can find him either at Ivy Tech, where he is pursuing an Information Technology degree, or at home with a cat on his lap.

Amanda Lohrman - Abby

Amanda has lived in Indianapolis for ten years and graduated from Vincennes University with an Associate's degree in American Sign Language. Currently working at Jason's Deli, Amanda acts as the Catering Manager and oversees all the deliveries and catering needs for her clients.

Amanda grew up participating in the local Jr Civic Theatre, and although she mainly mainly held small roles, a passion for the stage was instilled in her. In addition to the Jr Civic Theatre, Amanda was able to join in on her church's holiday plays, where she loved portraying some of the lead characters. Amanda has also had the opportunity to be involved in a full-length film titled From Ashes. This action-packed drama deals with the topic of human and sex trafficking. She was was one of the make-up artists for the film as well as being on screen in a couple scenes in small roles.

Furthermore, Amanda spent her elementary and middle school years learning the arts of ballet, tap, and jazz. She loved performing the dances she was taught throughout those years and the friends she made during that time.

She'd like to express gratitude to Zach and Susannah Francis for having faith in her for taking on the complex character of "Abby" in this production.

TYRA Lokey-Robinson - Lady Claymore

TYRA Lokey- Robinson grew up in Louisville. When TYRA was 18 she went to Murray State University, also in Murray, where she took Mass Communication. It was at Murray State that God begin to reveal that He had great plans for her life. While in College, TYRA went on her first mission trip with a college mission group to Puerto Rico to help build a church for the deaf. Now TYRA signs in several languages and leads mission groups all over the world doing music and dramas. TYRA currently lives in Lawrenceburg, KY where she serves at Hope Community Church as Staff Evangelist.

TYRA is married to her husband of 13 years, Jerry Robinson, and has three biological children and three adopted children. This is TYRA’s first theatrical play and she hopes it to be the first of many.

Kelly Mallasch - Makeup & Hair Designer

Growing up in a house with a parent who was a professional clown, Kelly was exposed very early to the world of theatrical make-up. In her 20’s she helped a number of community theaters on the north side of Indianapolis with make-up and costuming, including the Tipton Players, Kokomo Community Theatre and Carmel Community Players. She also was a part of 1heart Art's A Christmas Testimony through multiple production runs, both as a cast member and crew member. Recently, she has worked with the AOTM Purity Youth Group’s performances of Come Messiah Come and Breath of Heaven with make-up, hair and costumes. She is currently aiding the Center Grove Fine Arts Academy in the production of Beauty and the Beast.

Kelly is part of the 1heart Arts Leadership Committee and also plays keyboard/sings in the 1heart Praise Band. She lives in New Whiteland with her husband and three wonderful children.

Holly Stoll - Libby

Holly Stoll is a local actor and music enthusiast. She has been in a variety of theater Productions and musicals. Her favorite role was playing "Winifred" in Once Upon a Mattress and "Mrs. Banks" in Father of the Bride. She is thrilled and honored to take on the role of "Libby" in the upcoming production.

Holly enjoys playing Chess, Euchre and Settlers of Catan in her free time. She goes to Goodwill Outlet to find things to upcycle. Holly has lived all over Indiana, but grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She currently resides in South Broad Ripple and works at Bent Rail Restaurant.

Holly would like to thank Zachary and Susannah for their love, commitment, and obedience to Jesus and for allowing her to be a part of this amazing Ministry. Holly would also like to thank her parents Rick and Ruth Stoll and her sisters Heather and Bridgett for their continuous support, love, and prayers.

Scott Trammell - Mark

Scott Trammell is delighted to play the role of "Mark", Sarah’s husband and Abby’s dad. Since 2005, Scott has been “Alpha Dude”, entertaining and teaching children about Jesus while their parents attended the Alpha Course, “Andy Ladd” in Love Letters, “Howard Fine” in The Waverly Gallery, and several supporting roles in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. When not driving Sarah crazy and providing emotional support to Abby, Scott enjoys making things out of wood. The best thing Scott has ever made from wood is a beautiful pile of sawdust. When he isn’t getting in trouble for tracking sawdust into the house, Scott also enjoys an occasional game of golf. When not making sawdust or chasing that little white dimpled demon around a finely manicured landscape, he can also be found serving on the usher team or operating a camera at his church.

In his spare time, Scott works as the Construction Specifications Engineer for the Department of Transportation and is a registered Civil Engineer in California and Indiana. He would like to express many thanks to Susannah and Zachary Francis for the opportunity to be a part of such a great production, and to his wife Chris, for her patience and understanding. Someone once asked Scott’s mother if he suffered from mental illness, to which she replied, “Oh heavens no, he enjoys it!”

Nakia White - Costumes & Scenic Designer

Nakia White was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH and moved to Indianapolis in March of 2014. She began her acting career in 2015 after being asked to audition for a stage play. Nakia has done three stage plays in Indianapolis including the stage adaptation of the 1995 film, Waiting to Exhale.

Nakia has also begun transitioning to film and was a lead in a local feature called Lost which premiered in October of 2016. She is currently working on a TV series which is slotted to be aired on WHMB, Indianapolis in the Spring of 2017 titled Save My Soul.

Her stage and film background has equipped her with skills to produce, direct, and assist with wardrobe and set design. Ultimately, Nakia’s goal is to do what is the will of God and continue on her purposeful journey of sharing her gift of acting with others.