New Zealand, we are changing Facebook.


We can and must promote change.

We already did.

It's very very real.

Facebook appear to be engaged, about trying to change Facebook. - and Facebook - in the first few days of the kickstarter campaign.

The apolitical @Whatfivewords campaign in November was kindly refunded by Facebook, upon reflection. They didn't tell me exactly why, but I hope its because they can see it may use their products to promote mental health awareness. Perhaps eventually where it might be needed, rather than just where I emotionally suspected it might be, from my worldwide travels.

My art may have helped a little, it also may have harmed. The community helps me, as I show them what engaged me in the real world, rather than my screens. But they're over there, I really don't know what they see. It had a unique strategy based on the original targeting settings that I carefully readjusted twice daily, or more, in November to attempt to avoid any kind of unintended consequence. This technique itself appears to have Facebook's full attention and permission to use their products to warn about their products, all over the world.

For me, there's often been unintended consequences of saying anything on the internet, and probably with this though, there has been too. I hope good ones.

What5words Tapui Limited, and Уат5уордс ЕООД, at the moment, is literally just me, as I became a startup, initially just trying to promote our children's picture book and magazine.

The links from our Facebook page from the December campaign link to Pinterest, and then finally note and promote awareness of social media addiction. It is very, very real, and its rapidly developing neuroscience. It is not so controversial any more - I lived it and I'm a medical doctor. Experts all over the world are concerned and have been working for many years on this. Until I wrote that poem, none of my team, or me, had even thought of it. We now all agree. They also agree that this project, at the very least, is extremely interesting. Once I realised, my life felt real again, for the first time in years. The crisis appears to be a quite overwhelming, but together, we have cared, and we can continue to care - in as many ways as we know how.

Facebook, being the large corporation that they are, have seen me at least a little. I don't know exactly why they suspended the campaign with no reason stated other than a thorough review by the policy department, with no right to appeal. I have no idea why they refunded the whole thing within days and then allowed it to continue without advising me why. I really hope it's because they saw that I'm trying very hard to help them help us. I have been the whole time.

Facebook have a lot of work to do, amongst the many crises at least partially attributable to their algorithms. I have directly suggested to them, that they employ anthropologists, psychologists and psychiatrists in many fields all across the world to analyse what may be wrong with their systems and governance processes. Their artificial intelligence may already know more about our psychology than our experts do, if it's interpreted very carefully. They have to do this, for our children's sake - Mr Zuckerberg is not king.

On my end though, I feel this concept is probably something. I care about it a lot, probably a little too deeply. My art is not important, nowhere near as important as other people's. It's all intended to observe beauty in pain - reality in technology. If you feel your art can speak to people "over there" - can we try together? I need your help, your backing, as I do this.

It is often those most excluded or marginalised from society that need these thoughts the most.

The world is thinking about this crisis together, thinking of new things together. We are here.

Back of the envelope calculations

I probably reached you through Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Pinterest at a cost of as low as $0.01. This means $1 from you, if you can afford it, can reach 100 people in the world. Who knows how many we could reach with $1000, or more. I aim to eventually reach as many people as I can with you, anywhere in the world, in their language, with the message that the Internet is not all just fun and games, it can be very risky for them or someone they know. Some people on Facebook have realised that this may be important for them already.

This project is partially inspired by the WHO's Neglected Tropical Disease program. I hope that we can use the internet to help fight the "infectious disease" of internet addiction. Like a bacteriophage.

I care a lot about this, and Facebook appear to be on my team. There's much that has already been done, and there's much to do.

I don't have unlimited financial resources at all, personally. This whole thing, in fact, cost less than 10k - even less after the Facebook refund. I'm not sure what happens next. I am here though hough. Are you?